Cookie Policy

In this Cookie Policy, such terms as “us,” “we,” “our,” and other similar words refer to our website

The term “you” refers to a person viewing this website or using it to make orders.

All the other capitalized terms in this document or anywhere else on this website, mean the same as described in the Terms of Use.

What Do We Mean by Saying “Cookies”

When we say “cookies,” we mean small files stored on your computer or another device that help us understand how you have used our website These files contain letters and numbers. We send them from our server. After this, they are stored on your device when you enter our website

Cookies track your activity on our website and save this information. For example, they contain information on what you’ve ordered on the website, and they also help you stay logged in.

If you proceed with using and viewing our website, you agree that we will use the setting and reading types of cookies. You can delete or disable cookies if you want. However, in this case, we won’t be able to guarantee that our website will work properly because cookies are very important for the proper performance of our website

What Kinds of Cookies We Use

We use persistent cookies, which record your activity on our website and save this information in between sessions.

We also use session cookies, which save information about your activity on our website within a certain period of time. As soon as you close the browser window, they are deleted from your device. We use these cookies to ensure safe banking procedures. They are also necessary for the webmail.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

  • We use cookies so that you can make orders on our website You won’t be able to place an order on our website if you disable cookies.
  • Cookies also enable you to use our live chat any time you need to contact our support team.
  • Cookies keep you signed in.
  • Cookies track your activity on our website using Google Analytics.

Types of Cookies Used on This website

What You Can Do If You Want to Block or Delete Cookies

You can block or delete cookies at any moment. However, as we’ve already mentioned above, if you do this, we won’t guarantee that our website will work properly because cookies help this website function in the right way.

We also use Google Analytics to see how visitors enter this website Any information about your use of this website is rendered to Google. Their only purpose is to provide statistical reports about your activity on our website

To learn more about cookies and how to delete them, visit this link.

If you don’t want Google Analytics to track your activity, visit this link.

Please keep in mind that we never use cookies to collect any information that can be used to reveal your identity.