Everything You Should Know about PEN Literary Awards in 2018

If you are involved in the publishing sphere or just enjoy reading, then you know what the PEN Literary Awards is and what role it plays in the book world. The best writers of excellent new literature in fiction and various non-fiction categories are rewarded annually, and this year isn’t an exception to the rule. Although the names of the winners were named the other day, you should pay attention to all finalists.


This year finalists aren’t just a list of names and titles, you deal with extremely assorted and powerful writings that cover a wide range of issues. Along with the names of experienced writers you can find completely new faces that bring a breath of fresh air to your reading life. Such variety is one more thing that makes the PEN Literary Awards so peculiar.

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Waymo Taking the Lead

Would you ever sit down into a cab that is not driven by a human? Are you ready to put your life in hands of an android? Well, if you haven’t given it a thought, you’d better do it now. These questions will occur in real life sooner than you may expect it. Waymo is planning to launch self-driving cars pilot version on the roads of Atlanta in a couple of month. Georgia will become the first state in southern USA having self-driving cars on the road.


In fact, in May of 2017, they passed a bill that permits robotic cars with a fitting insurance and registration to navigate the roads along with the regular cars. Our writers created this post for new ideas.

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Top 10 Video Games of 2017

The year of 2017 has been tremendously fortunate for the video game industry. From the legendary game series such as Mario and Zelda to the fresh promising gaming sequences like Hollow Knight or Horizon Zero Dawn. The video game universe is getting to a whole new dimension.


Here is a list of the top 10 video games covering a wide range of categories from the tactical step-by-step games to horror or shooter ranks.

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7 English phrases for a brilliant essay

We all know the basic rules on how to write an essay. However, if we want to write a really good piece of work, using good phrases and transition words is a must for a great essay. It is not enough to have an interesting idea in order to write an outstanding paper.


The way you use certain words and phrases can make your idea either stand out or simply be ignored and undervalued. Check out the list of some words and phrases that can make your essay brilliant.

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The Book that Colored Naturalism

Have you ever thought to what extend people imagine things you are describing them? Do they feel the same? Does their mind draw the same shapes and colors you have in your mind?


It is hard to reproduce in words a picture to others, not in vain they say it’s easier to show than to narrate. However the power and might of the word is underrated. A German geologist Abraham Werner was the one to change it. Werner established a color nomenclature describing the colors, shades and hues for his mineral classification research that unexpectedly brought loveliness into science. Let’s find out more about Charles Darwin, research done by Charles Darwin Service’ essay writers.

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Close Look at the Guardian University Awards 

A new year has come and it means that it is high time for the Guardian to hold the Guardian University Awards. This year the contest takes place for the sixth time and covers 15 various categories. This is an outstanding chance for higher education institutions in the UK to promote their positions in the sector and improve reputation in the public eye. Having received the award the university not only shows its best achievements but also increases the sphere of influence on readers from different corners of the world, let’s see what’s new about Guardian University Awards found our essay writers!

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Trump’s education budget | Reshaping higher education finance

Last year Donald Trump’s Budget Proposal for 2018 caused some raised eyebrows. Mainly, the cuts in education sphere were quite a surprise for many. Some claim that it is for good, some are quite sceptical. Many experts are convinced that the new policy may be devastating not only for the higher education but for the economy of the United States in general.


The planned financial cut for higher education is estimated at approximately $10 billion and may cause changes and difficulties in several different areas.

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Improving Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever felt mistreated and unappreciated at work? Does your boss notice only your failures, without giving you motivation when you win? I bet that no matter where you are on your career ladder now, you felt something familiar. People are unsatisfied with the relations at work every day, and consequently, they suffer. Our essay typers and essay writers will help our readers to find out how to regulate your emotions.

We have to admit that business may be hostile. But, let me assure you that we can change the way things are. We can do it by getting improved one single thing: Emotional Intelligence.


Most of us have heard of it. But, do we really know what it is? And, how can we improve our emotional intelligence to be more successful at work?

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Habits Leading to Huge Results

Everyone wants to be successful. However, a simple desire is not enough. To achieve this goal you need to work hard.

In order to develop the qualities that determine success, you need to analyze your way of life, habits, and thoughts. You can be successful in different spheres of life, for example, self-realization, family, business, and career. It is also important to be truly happy. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with a power, money, or fame, for which you worked so hard.


Successful people always pay attention to their habits and sometimes in order to succeed, they get rid of negative habits. Our essay typer will help to improve yourself in becoming better and successful!

 “The time is now. Stop hitting the snooze button on your life.” —Mel Robbins

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Writing and Watching – Netflix as a Source of Ideas for Writers

In our world there are many stereotypes; one of them covers the job of a writer. If you are the writer, you must read a lot in order to find inspiration and improve your style. To a certain extent, that’s true, but not all modern writers are bookworms. I mean, they like reading, but in their free time, they are engaged in other things, in particular, watching Netflix. Please, don’t roll your eyes, they are the same people as we are. By the way, watching Netflix can bring many benefits and perspectives for the essay writers and bloggers.


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