The Begining of Empirical Research on Google Scholar

“‘Syntax’ means ‘sentence construction’: how words group together to make phrases and sentences.” (Tallerman, 2011, p. 1). This refers to the way sentences are formed and intentions are transposed into meaningful ideas, expressed in sentences. Syntax involves the joining of constituents and classifying ideas into grammatical categories in order to make meaning and put clauses, phrases, words, and morphemes in ways that make functional meaning (Haegeman & Wekker, 2009). Let us see closer to research about syntax in our essay post done by our professional essay writers.

Essay on Distinction in Syntax to Human Communication4

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Writing an Application Letter for College: How to Do That?

When applying to a college, you have to provide a pack of documents and may be you need an appliation essay. As a rule, the list includes your scores, recommendations, and other transcripts. However, there is one component that can confuse any applicant – a letter where you tell the admission committee who you are.

Application Letter Writing Tips Helpful Guide for Students2

Writing about yourself is not easy, and most students have problems with such a task. On the one hand, you don’t need to do any research or analysis.

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Smart Software Solutions for Efficient Writing

Lots of grammatical or stylistic errors in the text cause a bad impression with a reader. To ensure standards across the board, you might need some smart educational tools to make your content look more attractive.

Free Writing Software That Is Useful For Smart WritingPost

As much as this writing software does not correct all the errors, it makes the process of editing easier. What is good is that it can be accessed for free and installed on your PC within several minutes.

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Plagiarism in Academic Projects: Things to Consider

In academic writing, plagiarism is drawing another author’s idea or language without proper crediting the primary source in your paper.


Whether the source is a book written by a known writer, project of another student, any web-based resource without clear authorship, or essay writing service, taking credit for another person’s work is considered stealing, which is inadmissible in the academic world.

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TikTok as a New Tool of Change and Social Media Influences

TikTok is a video platform that is becoming insanely popular among adolescent people and would like to share some information with you in our essay about Tik Tok. It is an application that allows teenagers to make up sketches and answer to the challenges, posed by their peers. Surprisingly, the app has provided many young people with the opportunity to express their identity.


In addition to touching on the fun issues, TikTok is striving to raise social awareness. The same can be said about the creators of the platform.

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Handwriting: Why Is It Important and How to Teach Children Write Manually?

In the modern world of technology, we rarely take pens in our hands to write something on a sheet of paper. Gadgets are irreplaceable in our everyday life, and they sneak into all spheres of it, including education.


In many ways, devices and Internet support and improve students’ experience. Should we replace handwriting completely by essay writing on a laptop? Or maybe letter formation is still essential?

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Some Efficient Ideas on How to Deal with a Burn-Out


When you are at the beginning of your career or any other activity, you feel inspired and enthusiastic. There are so many new and exciting things to learn and to write an essay about! So you immerse yourself into the stream and move fast. It is hard to catch the burn-out moment when it happens. In fact, you can only realize that this has already happened to you. Now nothing seems neither compelling nor fun. All you want is to lay down, close your eyes, and sleep for a hundred years.

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Writing Poetry: How to Boost Students’ Imagination?

Poetry reveals the potential of human language to the fullest. Poetic texts demonstrate the mightiness and beauty of words and the way they can work together to inspire feelings, emotions, and thoughts about important things.


Writing a poem is a process that is all about expression and imagination, but no creativity can be productive without a smart approach. While poems come from one’s heart, some techniques can help youngsters learn how to compose them.

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