Magic: The Gathering – Activity That Amuses Lehman Students

One of the Lehman students, Anne Fornier, once said that she hadn’t known for sure what Magic was for a long time. The first time she saw the match, it seemed to be very chaotic for her. In addition, she wasn’t interested in it at all. However, now this girl is a novice player, who is really amused by the game. It is not important whether you win or lose the match, the most important thing is a participation itself.


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Travelling and traveling: the difference in a nutshell

Some native English speakers may not think about the question what the difference between travelling and traveling words is. However, for those who want to achieve highest results in learning English, this moment may cause some confusions. For starters, it is obviously that both words are verbs. To travel has the following meaning: to go from one place to another, as on a trip or journey.


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Deleting your Facebook account. What do stars think about this?

According to the latest news concerning Facebook work, the movement of #DeleteFacebook becomes more and more popular. Lots of stars support this idea as well along with ordinary people.


On Tuesday, Will Ferrell, a famous funny man, made an announcement on his Facebook page, that he is deleting his account within 72 hours. He said that he wasn`t a great fan of this social media but he is ending up with Facebook because of the situation concerning users` personal data disclosure. Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica company to collect data of his users for political aims.

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Useful writing advice for entrepreneurs

When people hear about good writing skills, they react differently. Most of them think they can do good in their professions without practicing writing. The same is about entrepreneurs. You can be a successful one even if you are not a good writer. You can be NBA player if you are short, but if you were tall, that would surely help!


The situation is the same with being an entrepreneur and succeed in writing. This seemingly simple skill can change the overall condition of your business.

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The number of American street students is getting bigger

Education is a great opportunity for students to avoid poverty and homelessness. It is not only about the academic side of a study but social development realized in a school. This factor is a crucial for all students but especially for those who faced homelessness or family problems.


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Tips on how to become a better writer

Writing is one of the best ways to express yourself and reach certain heights in life by means of making it profitable. Perhaps, being a writer or even essay writer is your calling, and you can make millions out of your talent. If you like writing, you need to work on improving your skills. Here are some tips on how to become a bestseller writer.


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The Unique Story of Jeff Bezos Success

When Jeff Bezos came up with the idea of creating, he didn’t expect it to be so popular and successful as it is now. It was 1994 when Jeff has decided to launch his unique project and blow up the mind of the boring internet market. In that same year, there was an interesting article published by the New York Times that raised the question: “Has the Internet been overhyped?” The main statement of this article was that almost 20 million people were using the Web. However, some experts tend to believe that the number is highly exaggerated, and many companies had wasted their funds on online projects.


That did not stop Bezos to launch his project, and he was more optimistic about its prospects than those experts were. The main object of the determination was only the type of business with the most potential.

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Kazuo Ishiguro: Noble Prize Winner in Literature

The British author Kazuo Ishiguro stated that it all happened unexpectedly. He was taken by surprise when heard his name announced as a winner of the 2017 Nobel prize in literature. The first thought that came to his mind – “fake news”. Ishiguro then confessed that he wasn’t ready for that announcement at all, and he had a strong doubt whether it was truthful information.


Ishiguro is famous for a great number of novel, including The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go. He was also praised by the Swedish Academy for novels which have the strongest connection with the world and were written in the condition of “great emotional force”.

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New Education Platform for Students

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Alongside with these words, we also have to mention that technologically advanced process we are in these days. Different innovations and tech revolution enable us to use all means to get educated and intelligent.


Steve Wozniak, who is considered to be a man to change the world alongside with Steve Jobs, announced his creation of Woz U. You might have heard about this person, as Wozniak is the Apple co-founder.

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How to write a perfect essay quickly

Usually, writing an essay takes some substantial amount of time and effort. The task gets more complicated if the essay needs to be written very quickly. Preparation is the key, so check out some simple tips for writing an essay when you have a limited amount of time.



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