Top 5 fashion school that run sustainable fashion design program

If you are interested in fashion and have been following trends, you must know that sustainable design is now number one. Modern brands prefer using eco-friendly fabrics to offer only high-quality products for customers and create a greener planet. This trend does not only benefit the environment but establishes new job opportunities for people who are passionate about creating clothing.


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Beyoncé is funding scholarships for black women

A scholarship, founded by Beyoncé, is aimed to find young, talented and hardworking women, who are willing to dedicate their life to science.


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17-years-old girl from Malaysia was accepted to 8 universities at the same time

A brilliant teenager Cassandra Hsiao, who got accepted into all 8 Ivy League Colleges in the US tells about her life and incredible news that happened to her this year. This news appeared in newspapers, magazines, and the Internet and made the world find out about another sharp-witted girl who is only 17.


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Powerful Essay Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian author is one of the world-famous feminists who has always been expressing her opinions about women and their right. She is convinced that everyone should be a feminist. Her active social life made her one of the prominent authors in the modern literature.


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British History Essay vs African History Essay

Oxford University offers £500 prize for the best essay on British history but only £75 for a paper on African history. Why is there such a big difference in money? For a lot of people, it can become an ethnic issue…


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States with low public tuition

Having two or even one child, most of parents start saving money for college almost from the children’s birth. Several years of study at the university including all additional fees and expenses on housing and board are financially a big deal. There are many programs for obtaining scholarships in colleges, but unfortunately the number of available scholarships does not cover all students, which really need it. Apparently, there are a lot of gifted young people and graduates, whose parents are not able to afford the expenses for college. It seems that having no money, one should forget about getting higher education and be ready to look for employment after school.


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YouTube – the video giant

If you ask somebody about some video that you have seen, the most of people, if not everyone, will definitely think about the YouTube website. This site is associated with the video content to most of people all over the world. Since the first days of its launch, it gradually reached great popularity among the Internet users. This can be because the idea to share video content is really awesome, as this type of information is always claimed. It is not a surprise, as we always want to know some new and interesting information, and what can be better way to do that, if not through video stream. Video-blogging is now widely spread and became a very popular business for those, who bound their lives with multimedia and social networks.


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How to become a member of Ivy League

There are different criteria concerning the selection of the best university for a student to get to. This can be reputation, academic level, education quality or some specific factor that suits for this or that student personally. But it is better if all these points are combined and the institution has a wide background for any student to select from. It is great if you can have nice chances for entering prestigious college or for participation in educational unions and associations, being a good sportsman or a young promising scientist.


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Roller Coaster post college life

Most of students are looking for their graduation to get rid of the essay writing and exams taking routine. The life after college seems to be saturated with freedom and adulthood. However, a lot of young people get into the situation of discomfort and are often confused about their further actions. Apartment search, new flatmates, job hunting – all these problems seems to be united on purpose to ruin the adult life of the graduates. How to stay calm and make only right and suitable decisions? There are some methods, which are used by thousands of other former students.


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Oscars of the comics’ world

If you have never heard about the awards, given to the comic books, it’s time to learn about the Eisners, the prototype of the Oscars. There are comic books we can talk about for hours, and still remain enchanted by them. What is the secret of us being drawn to comics? Is there a world we have to discover? Truly, we have made a research of more than a few books that would make a pretty collection and win Oscars without trying too hard.


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