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I’m very pleased to be able to introduce myself and shed light on who I am and how my work looks like. My name is Valerie Stone, and I fond of studying.  In spite of my previous occupation, I am full of energy and new ideas like spending time with students and young adults, as they inspire me. Besides, I help to organize and take part in local educational seminars for children and my youngest pupils. I have my own blog about personal growth, and every time I communicate with customers and students I wonder how their way of thinking differs from mine and how can both of us get the benefit.

Frankly speaking, these moments are amazing, as thanks to the combination of experience and creative ideas of young generations the most magnificent things may be created. This rule works in various spheres of life, and even in literary essay writing.

I’m fond of Chemistry and Social topics, self-growth, for that reason I decided to work with these subjects all my life. I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Chicago, and I’m proud of that fact. My working experience covers many local programs and different types of educational institutions (high schools and colleges). For some period of time, I worked at high school and taught coursework in Chemistry and Math. It was the best chance to see how everything works in practice, what difficulties students face while choosing science essay topics. Later I analyzed that information and used it to create some own courses and programs and blog posts for Darwin’s essay service, to enrich my teaching strategies, and to adapt to the new reality with new possibilities.

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I think that cooperation between students and teachers/tutors is a compulsory point for high results, that’s why I launched a blog for students where they can find a big number of information concerning all possible tasks in Chemistry, the essay is one of them. Video and articles written by me are created in simple language and describe the process step by step. Even if the student is good at writing Math essays, he or she should know about some specific points of the essay in chemistry, as it greatly affects the final result with a successful A+ essay. As you see I have said a lot about essays, and it is easy to explain. A few years ago I decided to try my hand in a new something new. I became a Science essay writer and an online supervisor for students and those who struggle for new knowledge.

Even math essay is not a nightmare anymore, with Darwin team

In this way, a new stage in my professional activity has started, and I like it so much. In this way, I can work with a larger student audience. Some people find this job annoying and boring, but I can assert the opposite. I enjoy helping young adults with their extended essays, research papers and discuss the strong and weak sides of their work. In my opinion, the most amusing topic for students’ assignments is Chemistry in daily life. An essay that any student creates is a chance to assess how sharp his or her mind is, as it requires knowledge and creativity. You can hardly imagine what crazy ideas I read every day and how we finally get the perfect body for an essay and perfect result in a great atmosphere!

Valerie Stone