How to Make Students Speak?

Every subject and lesson requires verbal contact and interaction between the teacher and students. Even during lectures, it is significant to follow the students’ reactions, initiate questions and receive feedback on the material.  However, sometimes it is incredibly difficult to make students speak. And here is our essay writers who created a topic on How to make students speak.

Essay Writing on How to Make Students Express Their Mind

They can be withdrawn, unconcerned and consider that there are a lot of other students in the group who can express their opinion while they can sit quietly till the lesson is over.

Establishing communicative interaction is very important for successful knowledge acquiring. During discussion students also percept information and sometimes it is a much more effective means compared to reading a paragraph of the book. Vivid debating, spectacular examples make the topic more comprehensible and clear. To take care of successful contact with students, teachers can master several helpful techniques that can be useful to get students talking in class.

This is How We Roll

This simple but effective game is suitable for the beginning of the semester when you need to get acquainted with students and also it is appropriate for discussing a particular topic. The preparation for the game is extremely easy. All you need is a die and six questions. It works the following way: by turn, students roll a dice and answer the question with the corresponding number. In such a way the barrier between you and students is reduced, students feel more open and eager to share their thoughts.

Human Experience Bingo

Give a blank board to each student (5X5) and let them share their experience, for example, fishing, riding a bike, cooking a cake, climbing mountains, etc. Make a list of different activities and give five numbers in a line on a chart. If a student finds someone who, for example, has gone hitchhiking, that student signs the square where your student wrote it on his Bingo board. The first person to get five in a row yells, “Bingo!” Such a game initiates the interaction between students and lets them know each other better.

Character Trait Roulette

This game is appropriate for the group of students who already know each other. Each student needs to think about any other group member and write three traits of his or her character. It is better to think about the positive ones to avoid offense and conflicts. The papers are put in the bag and each student takes a paper and tries to guess the person with the stated traits on the paper. Moreover, it is not enough to say just a name; it is better when a student can tell the story which reveals the stated traits of the character.

Story Starter Hot Potato

Divide the group into small teams of five people. In advance, you should think about several stories that start. It can be something unusual or trivial, it’s up to you. Give the story started for teams and turn on the music. Each team member needs to continue a story with one sentence. When the music ends and there is a student who thinks over his or her sentence or is telling the sentence at the moment, he or she must leave the circle. Continue with several rounds until there is one person left. This simple game makes students speak, laugh and show their creativity.

Find Your Partner

Write matching pairs of words on the pieces of paper and put them in the bag. These words can be sun and moon, day and night, left and right, etc. By turn, students take pieces of paper and search their pairs. Those who find their pairs should sit down. Play until everyone finds their pairs. When the game is over ask students to think over the other examples of matching words.

Hide and Speak

Prepare several cards with different questions that can be related to the current topic. Hide cards in the classroom. When the students came, divide them into two teams and ask them to search for cards. When one card is found, the student needs to answer the question. The team receives a score only if the answer is correct. Other team members can assist the student in answering the question. Further, students proceed with searching for cards and answering questions.

For sure, you need to search for effective approaches and methods to make your students speak and interact during the lessons. The above-mentioned games can be a great starter for you and they can help you to direct communication with the students to the right stream.