Writing and Watching – Netflix as a Source of Ideas for Writers

In our world there are many stereotypes; one of them covers the job of a writer. If you are the writer, you must read a lot in order to find inspiration and improve your style. To a certain extent, that’s true, but not all modern writers are bookworms. I mean, they like reading, but in their free time, they are engaged in other things, in particular, watching Netflix. Please, don’t roll your eyes, they are the same people as we are. By the way, watching Netflix can bring many benefits and perspectives for the essay writers and bloggers.


Write about what you watch

Watching TV can increase your income, I’m not kidding. Writing about what you watch is a pretty nice way to earn. Many online publications look for the writers who can focus on this or that TV programs. In most cases, this is a freelance job, but by the way, hardly anyone will abandon the opportunity to get some extra money. You may also look at watching TV from a different angle. Try to share the information how the Internet and TV fees affect the budget and available ways to save.

Watch and chill out

After long hours of working with text, you should refocus your attention and mind on something else. In this case, reading isn’t always a perfect solution. The alternative way to let your brains relax is to take a remote control and turn on the TV. Working all the time you devastate yourself and lose energy. Change your activities for a short period of time, watch an episode of your favorite show, after that you will be able to find strengths to create more and better.


Decrease the distance between you and your readers

Have you ever an experience that you come across the reference to some program or serial while reading? I suppose you have and not even once. Remember that the readers are ordinary people who like sitting on a sofa in front of a TV screen. You can use this fact while writing and, for example, mention some famous phrases of well-known characters. Such strategy can make the readers smile and the past, of course, if you apply it correctly.

Observe the development of characters

Who said that reading is the only way to improve your writing skills, in particular, if you deal with the creating characters? It goes without saying that TV programs have their own specifics, but at the same time their plot may be extremely intriguing and give hints regarding the portraits of characters and their background. Unlike the on-screen time, writers may not hurry and depict personalities in progress paying a lot of attention to details.


Anything may be good enough to take it as a basis

Even though someone’s life looks very ordinary, it doesn’t mean you can’t describe it. Everything around you and every aspect of your life may be used for creating novels, memoirs, short stories or any other text. The life is passing by people, and your task is to catch and fix the appropriate moments. If you aren’t close enough to do this, it doesn’t mean the world around you is mundane. Maybe, you are looking at the wrong direction.