Hello Guys!

My name is John Gates and I hold a PhD degree in Linguistics. I was always sure that linguistics was one of the most interesting disciplines to study because languages impact almost every aspect of our life. My career started at Michigan State University where I studied both applied and theoretical linguistics. Once my professor asked me to write a language articles text linguistics essay and I managed to accomplish his task just perfectly.

It was very interesting for me to analyze and describe the extended texts in communicative contexts. I wanted to make other students more interested in this fascinating branch of science so I decided to join my university magazine to write articles on various topics in linguistics. My work had a big success as the phenomenon of language and our acquisition of the language was the issue most students liked to read about.

Education of English language learners, culture and language use, pragmatics applied to language teaching and learning, and the mental processes of communication are the linguistic research topics I am most interested in

I have been an author of linguistic magazine and a professional column writer for more than 40 years. After graduation from university I had mastered the traits of columnist in order to write on different language research topics and make the ordinary people aware of the nature of language, its learning and teaching. Due to my creative capacity and complete knowledge I manage to make my linguistic articles captivating and intelligible to readers.

Linguistic research topics such as teaching languages cross cultures, cognitive issues of language teaching and learning, and pragmatics for second language learners are my favorite ones. I try to explain that it is not enough just to know the vocabulary and grammar of the foreign language. You should be able to communicate intentions at the moment of speaking.

I also provide customized professional development and job-embedded coaching in the area of Sociolinguistic, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, and Semantics. I make my students sure that the knowledge gained through the study of linguistics has many practical uses and consequences as language is a central feature of being a human. I help my students find different research topics in linguistics for further study and research. My mission is to show people that with a degree in linguistics any career possibilities and research activities are open to them.

I help students express their own ideas, evaluate different issues, and develop their opinions in polished essay English

The field of linguistics is extremely diverse. It gives you the opportunity to choose among the great variety of jobs and careers. That is why I tried myself as a teacher in literacy programs. Writing skills are very important for every person for his successful career. My task is to help students develop such skills as argumentation, problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical thinking. I explain the best ways to overcome hurdles with different essays in English. I assist my students in choosing good topics for research papers and check whether their works are written in polished essay English.

The study of linguistic issues has become my life vocation. I have a strong personal appreciation of linguistics as it tries to investigate one of the most interesting and one of the most unexplained phenomena of the mankind – the language in all its manifestations.

John Gates