15 best blogs to follow about best blog sites

The Internet is full of interesting, educating, entertaining information, and it is hard to follow it all, especially if you are a student and do not have much free time. Thus, we want you to know about 15 best blogs that are useful for every student. This list includes sites about entertainment, travelling, study abroad university life, movies, books, distant learning etc. In other words, we present you best blog sites about everything that is interesting for every modern student.



“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

The eLearning Coach   

Connie Malamed, the informator, and visual designer, will reveal your secrets of successful distance learning. This blog is full of useful tips, reviews, content, guides and opinions of effective eLearning both at computer and mobile.

The College Survival Handbook

Do college days feel like torture? Read this website, curated by “survived student” and find out vital lifehacks for successful studying and graduation. What is more, this fellow tells you why should you study and inspire you to achieve set goals.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

If you are tired of sophisticated language and unclear terminology of your professor of science? The author of this blog reads various scientific articles and studies to distill findings into original and interesting posts for you to keep up to date.

Spirit Voyage


If you follow the modern trend and want to master yoga, this blog is a perfect place to start, There is a lot of information on yoga, meditation, and Kundalini practice, photos, and videos with instruction.


StudyAbroad.com’s Blog-Abroad

This site is the leading one if you have a desire to study abroad. Any questions about country, college, university, programme, tuition fees are answered here. What is more, you can find help and support from other international students in this blog.

The Official API Blog

If you are looking for enriching and challenging abroad programme, visit this website. API strives to provide students not only with fun educational activities but also with space for self-development and realization of their academic potential.


It is not only one blog but rather a collection of blogs, free learning websites and articles about both education and travelling abroad. Moreover, one can find all necessary information about internships, international jobs and academic conferences around the world.


CEA Study Abroad Blog

Have you already chosen the programme, but need help with administrative issues? Then this is the right place for you. The blog is full of articles of foreign students with advice on how to solve such problems, their opinions and experience.

CISabroad’s Travel Journals

This blog highlights the cultural value of international education. It tells newcomers where locals eat, shop, rest. Moreover, this is not a typical blog, but more like a social network, where you can meet students of other educational programmes.

The Study Abroad Blog

It is dedicated to daily issues of student’s life in the foreign country. If you want to know how to save up more, adapt to the host city, travel on the shoestring budget, just check it out.


Slash Film

If you enjoy watching a good movie in the evenings, you will definitely subscribe to this site. There are movie reviews and news to read, trailers to watch and movies to discuss.



This blog is recommended for every melomaniac. You can find here reviews, music industry news, dates and places of festivals etc. It is about diverse genres so that it is suitable for every person, who likes music.

D.G. Myers

Do not know what to read? Visit this blog, read reviews of books, both classic and modern ones, thought of readers, information on the author and choose something for you.

The College Tourist

If you are keen on travelling, then read about adventurous of the witty student, who will inspire you for your own trips.

Sportz Biz News

Want to be up to date with events and news in the world of big sport, this blog is definitely the best for this purpose.