Save your “between ocean love”

If you are planning to move abroad for studying it’s great. However, if you are currently dating a nice guy/girl, your long distance relationship may crash. At least many people will tell you this. But with modern technologies and creative tips, you can improve your relationship, even if you are thousands miles away from each other. Do you want to know how? Follow the article on our Darwin help website and find some really effective advice.

  • Skype

Messaging is good, but hearing your beloved voice and seeing the eyes is wonderful. Also, by sending messages you may misinterpret each other and have an argument. Arrange skype chats as often as possible and spend online time together. This will surely keep your love supported!

  • Send spontaneous gifts

If you are having a long distance relationship, it’s not as easy to surprise each other as when you were close. But it doesn’t mean you should stop sending each other gifts and lose that entire romantic atmosphere. Use the post to send an envelope with a little gift inside. Care of each other and don’t stop showing your love even from a big distance.


  • Trust each other

When living in the same city, you date and can meet up with each other every day. However, when one of the partners go abroad it’s becoming tougher to trust each other. But if you forget to trust your beloved, your relationship will fail. You should be honest and share everything. Plus feeling jealous won’t improve your relationship. If you like someone else and prefer to spend time with that person, it’s best to talk about it and don’t lie, as it will hurt more.

  • Arrange a real date

It can be almost impossible to try meeting in person, but if you have a week holidays and saved enough money to go abroad, arrange to meet up. Maybe, your partner can come to visit you, or you may go back home to see each other. Also, you can arrange a place that is between your countries and set a special date. It will be incredibly romantic to spend at least a week together and understand how much you love each other.

  • Get applications to stay in touch

Apart from social media, skype, and messages, you can both get apps to improve your long distance love relationship. Send each other photos, videos, smiles, kisses, and even draw pictures together. Such applications are great for couples who have romantic relationship divided by the ocean. Keep each other company and you won’t feel that big distance.

Another piece of a useful advice is to try enjoying the time you spend abroad. You don’t have to forget about your partner and stop messaging him/her. But you need to understand that while you are in a new country, you should take the most of it. Meet new people, visit different places, and be open to every fresh opportunity.


During this time, you may discover that your relationship becomes better and you two will understand that you match each other perfectly. Or you may feel that you become more distant and to continue relationship is not that essential as you used to think. Who knows, maybe it’s the best outcome? But if you have the opportunity to travel and study abroad, don’t miss this nice chance. Discuss your future with your partner and maybe you both can go abroad and start a new life together…