Smart Software Solutions for Efficient Writing

Lots of grammatical or stylistic errors in the text cause a bad impression with a reader. To ensure standards across the board, you might need some smart educational tools to make your content look more attractive.

Free Writing Software That Is Useful For Smart WritingPost

As much as this writing software does not correct all the errors, it makes the process of editing easier. What is good is that it can be accessed for free and installed on your PC within several minutes.

To encourage efficient writing, you should subscribe to the right editing software platform that will assist you in making the right corrections. Most of them feature special characteristics to help authors proceed with the most important modification to their content without changing the major format. In this article, you will have a general overview of the most popular writing software for students and professional writers. Keep reading to see the whole list.


Today, you can hardly find a student or a professional writer who hasn’t heard about Grammarly. It has gained the reputation of one of the most popular grammar and punctuation tools on the Internet. Being famous for its accurate online proofreading and easiness of use, it lets you go deeper into the reasons behind common grammar mistakes. To use this software, you can add it to your browser or install it as a separate tool on your desktop computer. The major minus of Grammarly is that it doesn’t keep the formatting of your content. Thus, you’ll have to proceed with all the highlights and bullet points once again manually.

While the basic version of Grammarly is available for free, you will need to pay Premium versions for a detailed analysis. If you are dealing with written content regularly, it does make sense to purchase monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.

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Hemingway Editor

The name of this software is determined by the style of writing of Ernest Hemingway who used simple and direct language. This is, basically, what the Hemingway editor does to your content. This software marks the problematic parts of the text with different colors, depending on the type of error. So, it is up to you to decide on what needs to be fixed or ignored. At the same time, Hemingway Editor doesn’t provide any background details to the detected errors. The major free characteristics of this software include:

  • Indicating unreadable sentences;
  • Specifying adverbs and passive voice to be eliminated;
  • Examining grammatical nuances;
  • Making your content clear and direct.

Similar to Grammarly, you can install the web application for free or set up on a desktop application for Windows or Mac operating systems for a little charge. The only thing to keep in mind is that the desktop app doesn’t feature any additional functions.

Free Writing Software That Is Useful For Smart Writing

Thesaurus and RhymeZone

Of all the free writing services, Thesaurus and RhymeZone can be viewed as the most overused. Students mainly refer to Thesaurus to fix their content stylistically and find useful replacement words and phrases explaining their thought. As soon as you need to check a word and definition, you will go straight to Thesaurus lacing synonyms in order from most to least relevant.

Also, students, lyricists, and even musicians can benefit from RhymeZone while detecting rhymes, specifying near and far rhymes, making up example sentences for searched words, ordering words with similar sounds, as well as identifying lyrics and poems. Although it can’t correct your text in grammar-wise, it can make it sound better to a reader. RhymeZone is simple in use and can be accessed for free on the Internet.


Even professional writers need some assistance with writing from time to time. Celtx is a cloud-based scriptwriting tool that is available both for no and extra charge. But even the paid version is more affordable than other scriptwriting tools on the market. It is useful for storyboarding and production purposes due to a wide range of template formats. In addition, Celtx features some other pre-production tools such as call sheets, storyboards, shot lists, and a planning solution.

This software can also be useful to professional bloggers to organize their content into a well-organized format. If the basic functions are not enough, you can purchase a subscription package of around $10. As you see it is not much for a writing tool that can be integrated with iOS and Android apps.

Online Citation Generators

When it comes to citations, students often fail to do them in the right way. But this is a very important skill you should master if you don’t want to be called a plagiarist. Although citation formats are archaic, not all citation software is reliable. Sometimes it is better to find professional guidance on citation and do everything on your own. At least, you will know who to blame in case of wrongdoing.

If you decide to refer to a professional citation generator, you will need to search your source or enter the necessary details into the given fields. As a result, you will receive a ready-made citation that can be added to your bibliography.

While it is hard to name the best software for citations, you can have a look at reasonable options to choose from:

  • BibMe
  • OttoBib
  • Citation Machine
  • Cite This For Me, etc.

Essay Writing Services

While all the above-mentioned software can surely make your life easier, you might still have a lack of time for doing all the academic assignments. This is where the use of professional writing services can solve the problem from the very beginning. Once you have specified all the requirements, a professional writer is about to follow them while completing your paper. Alternatively, you can also request a sample paper in order to get a better understanding of how this or that formatting looks like.

If you feel ashamed of referring to the writing service, you actually shouldn’t. Even the very best students often fail to deal with the academic overload so that additional assistance becomes a must. But there can be some other reasons:

  • Dyslexic students having learning difficulties.
  • Ambitious students focusing on personal goals.
  • Students pushed into academia by parents.

No matter how popular a writing agency is, you should be smart at making a choice. While unprofessional service is only interested in taking your money, a professional one aims to show you the right way toward a successful result.