Rating of TV Shows on IMDb

This list of serials, it is based on IMDb rating. This is the best Internet Movie Database, where you can find all the information about specific TV Show or film. Its production crew, cast, fictional characters, plot summaries, biographies, trivia and reviews. This list consists of 20 different TV Shows that are worth watching. Title by title we are going to briefly review their plot and genres.

20th Dawson’s Creek

Rating on IMDb 6.5/10. Genres: Drama Plot: In a small coastal city a group of friends tries to cope with their adolescence period.

19th Glee

Rating on IMDb 6.7/10. Genres: Drama, Music, Comedy Plot: To escape from difficult reality of high school, a group of ambitious students decides to join a glee club, where they try to make their dreams come true.

18th Saved by the Bell

Rating on IMDb 7.0/10. Genres: Family, Comedy, Romance Plot: A group of six students and their years at Californian high school.

17th Gossip Girl


Rating on IMDb 7.4/10. Genres: Romance, Drama Plot: Merciless bloggers is always watching and knows every secret of the privileged teens, which are living on the Upper East Side of New York.

16th Popular

Rating on IMDb 7.4/10. Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy Plot: Parents of two girls are going to married, but rivalry between girls may influence on that.

15thThe O.C

Rating on IMDb 7.5/10. Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy Plot: From the poverty to the upper-class. How it changes a person and his attitude to life.

14th Smallville

Rating on IMDb 7.5/10. Genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama Plot: Teenager with some alien powers tries to cope with normal, typical problems of the teenagers.

13th Roswell

Rating on IMDb 7.5/10. Genres: Drama, Romance, Mystery Plot: Three alien/human hybrids with different gifts live in Roswell.

12th House of Anubis

Rating on IMDb 7.5/10. Genres: Family, Drama, Mystery Plot: When a best friend suddenly leaves English boarding schools and newcomer replace she, a group of students try to find out what had happened. Different Egyptian mysteries will be on their way.

11th One Tree Hill

Rating on IMDb 7.7/10. Genres: Drama, Romance, Sport Plot: Rivalry between half-brothers. Who will be the best on the basketball court and between friends?

10th Pretty Little Liars

Rating on IMDb 7.7/10. Genres: Drama, Romance, Mystery Plot: A group of friends decided to find out the anonymous who threatens to reveal their top secrets, and to get to know about the murder of their best friend

9thThe Vampire Diaries


Rating on IMDb 7.8/10. Genres: Drama, Horror, Fantasy Plot: A teenage girl that fell in love with a vampire and his brother.

8th Boy Meets World

Rating on IMDb 8.1/10. Genres: Drama, Comedy, Family Plot: Adolescence period of teenager and how he cope with problems in school, family and with friends.

7th Degrassi Junior High

Rating on IMDb 8.1/10. Genres: Drama, Romance, Family Plot: Life of students at local high school.

6th Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rating on IMDb 8.2/10. Genres: Drama, Action, Fantasy Plot: A young woman deals with her life fighting evil with the help of her friends.

5th Veronica Mars

Rating on IMDb 8.4/10. Genres: Drama, Crime, Fantasy Plot: Another best friend is murdered and Veronica Mars decides to find out what happened.

4th My So-Called Life

Rating on IMDb 8.4/10. Genres: Drama Plot: Life of 15-years-old teenager girl and how she copes with different issues.

3rd Community

Rating on IMDb 8.5/10. Genres: Comedy Plot: Successful lawyer have to enroll in a community college where he hopes to sail through the education.

2nd Friday Night Lights

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS -- Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins, Gaius Charles as Brian "Smash" Williams, Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor, Scott Porter as Jason Street, Minka Kelly as Lyla Garrity, Zach Gilford as Matt Saracen -- NBC Photo: Michael Muller

Rating on IMDb 8.7/10. Genres: Drama, Sport Plot: Football players of local high schools cope with different problems.

1st Freaks and Geeks

Rating on IMDb 8.9/10. Genres: Drama, Comedy Plot: A group of students that consists mostly of freaks and how they solve their problems.

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