How to write a great dialogue

Writing a great story might be challenging but including a gripping dialogue can make the reader want to read on. Proper formatting of a dialogue can help your story stand out. Here are some of our tips on how to write a story that can be memorable.


Learn how to create an engaging dialogue

An advice of learning how to create an interesting dialogue, might, perhaps, sound simple and obvious for some, but still, the astounding amount of writers underestimate the value of the properly formed conversation in their stories.

Whenever you change a speaker in a dialogue, start a new line

If you want the reader to keep track of who says what and why (and it sometimes can be complicated till the point that the reader loses interest), make sure you follow the general format and start a new line when you decide to change a speaker.


Pay attention to the speech marks

In American English, using double quotation marks is a standard, while rules in British English claim for single quotation marks. Again, another simple rule but it might make all the difference and an ignoring of this instruction might shed an unpleasant light on you from critics.

Include conflict into the conversation

The inception of the conflict into the dialogue is one of the best ways to keep your reader engaged. The tension is necessary for a great dialogue so using it will ensure that your reader will be intrigued to read further.

Involve human emotions

Incorporating human fears, desires, disagreement and all array of other feelings can also engage the reader and help him get into the situation of the character. It will make a person who reads your story think over his own emotions and make his own conclusions.


Learn from famous predecessors or peers

Many famous writers became notable just because of learning and sometimes even copying great works of literature. Shunning away from learning how it needs to be done will not bring any good, so do the extra job and study how famous minds created their masterpieces.

While writing a dialogue, do not forget about simple things such as the general rule of placing the punctuation inside the speech marks. If you are still unsure of how your story should look like, you can always take a chance and learn from the respected sources. Checking out how it is done by professionals can help you go a long way and it might give you a lot of inspiration.

If you are a fiction writer or similar, you probably realize that creating an interesting dialogue can help you keep the reader in tension so that he wants to continue reading your piece of writing. We hope that our tips helped you in the challenging process of creating a special and compelling story with great dialogues.