How to get into writing a series that can become a bestseller

Creating a series can help you become a famous writer because if the first book turned out to be popular and was warmly (or sometimes even fanatically) accepted by the audience, it means that the readers are hooked on your book.


Writing a series after the success of the first creation is a must if you want to make a big time as a writer. In addition to this, do remember that writing a continuation of the successful book will give your readers a pleasure to enjoy the further chapters of your unique addictive story.

Figure out what can make each next series different

There always has to be an unexpected twist in order to keep the reader intrigued and, at times, even shocked. The more you apply to the emotions of the reader, the more your book makes the audience come back for the next installment. Do not forget that the ending for your book must be so intriguing and unexpected that the reader cannot wait to get his hands on the second installment as soon as it is ever possible.

Create a powerful outline

Whatever you plan to write, it is important to create an outline, which you can adjust anytime in the process of writing. However, if you plan to write a series, it is especially important to create a meaningful structure in order to give you bird’s eye view to understand how the plot should develop and how several books are meant to fit together.


Form a central conflict

The main idea of the series is to constantly maintain the reader’s interest. Under the pressure of the central conflict, the characters need to develop together with the protagonist and villain. There always must be an unfinished business, but the series needs to be connected by a central conflict.

Build a fictional world that readers would love to visit

Building a fictional world can help a writer come up with a piece of writing, which can become well-known and loved by many. Most people would like to get into the situation where magic things are possible. Developing different intricate things, settings, moods and characters can move your reader to the fictional world, which can become addictive, in some sense.


Reveal characters gradually and introduce new ones in each series

The delay of showing full power or true colors of main characters are essential for the multiple books. Every new installment should show a new and unexpected side of them. Besides this, introducing new characters is also important since this will help you keep your reader intrigued and interested. New characters might be helpful for the protagonist or they can also hinder reaching his goal, which the main plot follows. Even though each book has its own self-contained struggle, each character needs to grow by overcoming new obstacles.

Writing a book series is a project, which requires determination and thorough preliminary planning. As per George Eliot, great things are not done by impulse but by a number of small things brought together. This especially makes sense if to talk about writing several books. Think through the ideas that we highlighted and good luck with writing your bestseller!