Higher education plays an important role in our lives and we all want to spend our studying years with comfort and pleasure. When people talk about education in Europe, their first thoughts about France, United Kingdom, Germany. And they are right, because there is high level of education, but they forget about other European countries that also provide high quality of education. According to the Qs Higher Education System Strength Rankings these countries in the top 50 and they claim position below the 21 in the rankings. All of them ready to show and offer their own educational systems, wonderful culture and exciting studying process.

Harmonious Austria


Let’s start our excursion from Austria. It allows you to study in the oldest German-speaking University of the world, Vienna. Another advantage is that Austria in the middle of Europe that allow you easily visit close to it countries. It provide wide range of different disciplines that helps easily choose suitable for you. It is also needs to mention that Austria well developed in musical and cultural sphere.

Stunning Belgium

The next country is Belgium According to the System Strength Rankings I takes 15th place. It is very suitable country for studying new languages and also a great number of different courses in studying English. Culture life of Belgium differs from others. It has a rich history, lovely rural areas, and just delicious cuisine. Belgium provides high quality of education in universities that makes your studying unforgettable.

Charming Czech Republic


If you are going to study medicine and engineering disciplines, the best variant for you is Czech Republic. It is aimed on giving high quality education to all its and also international students. Every year the number of universities that provide English-speaking courses on different disciplines increases. There also some advantages. Cost of living and tuition fees not so high and the capital Prague is one of the most adorable cities in Europe.

Digital but real Estonia

Our next destination for studying is Estonia. In nowadays it is a leader developing different new technologies that will make your studying more exciting. The most prominent are creation of Skype and TransferWise. Estonia likes modernization and uses automaton that makes our life easier. It also has attractive architecture and culture. It will the best variant for those who like different gadgets.


The next country and the best variant to study in Europe is Finland. Educational system considers one of the best in the whole world as it combines as academic education as practical appliance of knowledge. This allows you to become a real professional in any discipline that you study. Finland is also well known for its high standards of living, lovely citizens and fascinating nature.

Elegant Italy

Our next destination Italy. It takes 13th place in the ranking. Italy with it elder history is a great variant for studying. A lot of different sciences were born here and the trend of quality education lives here for centuries. Everyone who will choose it will have opportunity to enjoy rich cultural and social life, improve knowledge of the world history by just studying here, in the cultural center of the world, Italy.

Marvelous Sweden

If you want to study in Europe Sweden is a great choice. It is of the most modern countries in the world that develops comprehensively in all spheres. Its level of living is one of the highest in the whole world. Country takes care about all citizens and residents in it. Provide protection of the nature and its resources that allows you enjoy picturesque views of forests, lakes etc. Education is also at high level. According to QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings Sweden takes 14th place. Their universities are well known in the whole world not only for high quality knowledge buy also for their unique methods in teaching that stimulate students to think critically and develop creativity and independently. They are well respected and Lund University take 70th place among the best European universities.

Sunny Portugal

Let’s visit sandy and warm beaches of Portugal. It is not ideal for summer but also for studying. The quality of education recognized for years in the whole world. Universities more specialized on vocational and practical teaching that will help you to deal with real life issues. From another side Portugal opens its cultural world that full of different festival and exciting traditions.

Spiritual Poland

And the last destination is geographical and cultural crossroad of western and eastern Europe, Poland. It has difficult history in its development and improving itself but nevertheless now it provides high level of education and students from all over the world come and study here. It provides a great variety of locations activities for those who like urban or rural areas, mountains and Baltic Sea.


Education must be on appropriate high level and we all looking for ways of realization of if .There are also another European countries that may be not so famous, but they also provide high level of education and may be suitable for you. To know more you can follow our educational Darwin blog.