Top Chemical Engineering Schools in 2016

We are living in the modern world with new technologies, opportunities and science. More and more new disciplines have become more and more important in nowadays. Everyone has its own preferences but all of us need good and quality education. According to this we have collected universities from different countries in different parts of the globe to offer you the best of them to choose for studying chemical engineering.


In the Orient world there are a great number of wonderful universities that may be suitable for you and your needs and we are going to tell you about the best of them. The most of them you may find in China. It is one of the most advanced countries on the planet. They have already used 3D printers to print whole buildings. The best Chinese universities are University of Zhejiang and University of Tsinghua. They are open for every international student. Next our Orient country is of course Japan. It offers you University of Kyoto that is on the 9th place in world’s ranking. It is one of the best variants for you to gain really valuable knowledge. Then you may visit India. It has universities that you may find in the top 100 and one of the best six is National Taiwan University. One of the best places to spend your education year with benefit and pleasure.



Now we are in Europe, the greatest and the best region in the whole world for studying and chemical engineering of course. Here you may satisfy all your needs and tastes. Firstly, we will pay visit to United Kingdom. Very picturesque country with stunning views and landscapes and rain. Here you have opportunity to feel the real academia of knowledge. There you may find 3 the best for studying this discipline and they are in the best 15 universities. Manchester University is unique among others. It uses new technologies and materials for teaching. Its lecturers and professors also keep up with a time to provide the most sufficient knowledge. It is the best choice for you. Secondly, Germany in our list. Country of order and punctuality that are very important qualities in studying. The best entry that we offer takes 36th place in the ranking. It is RWTH Aachen. After that there a lot of another countries that offer you valuable education and they are: Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and Greece. They all are in the best 200 of the world. There you will spend your education time with pleasure and also get to know more about culture and history of these countries.


Middle East

In this hot region of the world Israel and Saudi Arabia offers you visit their universities. They specialized in providing valuable education and knowledge and its practical use for everyone. Students from these countries succeed in writing businees, there are some who became top essay writers in last few years.

Latin America

Our next continent is pleasant Latin America. It is wonderful place for studying, living and vocations. There in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina are universities where you may study this science with great pleasure. Also one important thing that living cost not so high that is perfect for international students.


New Zealand and Australia Warm and lovely country of Australia is waiting for students from whole over the world.

Its universities are in the world’s top 10 the best universities and among them Quicksand University, Melbourne University, University of Monash.In New Zealand you will have a great opportunity to study in Auckland University and Canterbury University. They possess a great number of specialist that are ready to teach you will pleasure and help you to become like them.

Canada and United States

The next and the last our destination North America and there we going to visit wonderful Canada and lovely United States.

We start from Canadian universities as they are in the top 10 in the ranking. They are Toronto University, and McGill University that has huge source base for education. The last country that we are going visit is United States of America. Here are a great number of university for studying this kind of engineering with their high quality of education. One of best of them is University of Princeton. It has modern educational system with new methods of teaching that provides a valuable knowledge for every student. The next one is Wisconsin-Madison University. US pleasant see to international students studying in its universities and country helps everyone who has desire to study with living.

Engineering plays a valuable role among other sciences and in our world we need specialist and professionals in this discipline and universities that mentioned above can help you to become them.