Top Universities for Physics and Astronomy in 2016

Astronomy is really titillating and physics very fascinating subject and they counted as one of the most intriguing and adorable subjects to study. Now this disciplines very important in developing new modern technologies. Many universities develop their own way of teaching them to give high quality of knowledge. Here is a slight overview about the top universities in different regions, countries of the world.

Top Universities for studying Astronomy and Physics disciplines

The greater amount are in United States of America: • University of Princeton • California University • Institute of Technology of California • Stanford • Harvard • Institute of Technology of Massachusetts There are also in UK: • Oxford • Cambridge In Switzerland: • ETH Zurich In Japan: • Tokyo University

Canada and USA universities to study astronomy and physics

A lot of pleasant universities you may look for in Canada. Their level of education considered to be the highest and there valuable reasons for that because it provides great technical side in education and assignments. In USA most of scientific and astronomic Universities are in the top 20 from all over the world and the best of them are: Yale, California University, University of Chicago and University of Columbia.

Middle East and African universities to study astronomy and physics

Amazing country Israel have something to offer for everyone who likes studying. University that in the top universities over the world. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Turkey also possess universities with high quality classes and professors. Among African countries only South Africa has two universities with high quality of studying.


New Zealand and Australian universities to study astronomy and physics

New Zealand can offer you 3 best astronomy and physic universities that has unrepeatable education system that will be interesting for you. In general eleven Universities in Australia take the leading places and they differs from another by theirs special and interesting courses.

Latin America universities to study astronomy and physics

In this region of the world Brazil at the top position and has nine universities that have qualities to be considered as the best universities. There also four another countries that take high place in the ranking. They are: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Asian universities to study astronomy and physics

In genera there are seven major countries in this area that may offer you the highest level of education in studying these subjects. Let’s start from Singapore. It has two wonderful universities that are in top 50 in which you spend few years in amazing atmosphere of real science. In nowadays China possess the lion’s share of all top universities. Every year a lot of universities develop themselves to improve and become better. They are using new methods in teaching and education. Fifteen more universities in the top the best are in South Korea. They provides also a practical assignment to improve your knowledge. Another powerful in education country is Japan with fifteen best places to study these disciplines. This y is one of the leaders in introducing new technologies in studying in this sphere of education. Greater part of these universities you may find in the top 200. Eight universities are the best in scientific sphere and you may find Taiwan. Their level of teaching as good as in United Kingdom and they need such wonderful students as you.


European universities to study astronomy and physics

In this part of our planet collected the best universities to provide you the highest level of knowledge and education. The highest rate in astronomy and physics universities is Germany with thirty-five universities that allows you have different variants to choose. The next also with one of the highest and best education system is UK. There are 32 of them. For a long period of time they are the best. Also warm Spain possess warm educational process and provides good technical base for studying. France and Italy possess universities that for year are in the top and well organized in teaching according to high standards of teaching. Finally, it is necessary to mention Hungary, Portugal, Chez Republic, Russia and Norway that may provide you at least two university in each country that ware worth your attention and yours studying.

All mentioned above it is just a brief review of short information to represent the best universities to study such wonderful and amazing disciplines like astronomy and physics in the world. Everyone has its own peculiarities that may be suitable for you. You have just a huge list of variants and I hope we’ve done enough to help you make a right choice with our unique website.