The number of American street students is getting bigger

Education is a great opportunity for students to avoid poverty and homelessness. It is not only about the academic side of a study but social development realized in a school. This factor is a crucial for all students but especially for those who faced homelessness or family problems.


The number of homeless students in America has grown in one and half times according to the latest report. Within the last year, the number was 2, 5 million. That means 1 out of 30 students. This is caused by economic recession consequences in 2008. As a result, constantly growing number of single parents and poor families, an absence of affordable accommodation, a racial division and violence take place. However, these families were considered as the middle-class people 5-7 years ago but now their well-being dropped because homeless students have not felt an improvement in the situation yet. The problem with residence has not been solved for most families yet and approximately 1 million of children are paying for that. Although, the Constitution of the USA gives every person a right to safe, affordable and descent residence.


The worst case is in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico and California. The figure represents approximately 527, 000 children. In Nebraska, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Jersey and Minnesota the situation with homeless students is better.

The biggest part of officially registered homeless students lives in special shelters, at railway stations, and at churches and hospitals as well.

In accordance with the research results based on the data of Department of Education, in 2013 there were 1,3 million homeless students. The author of the report pointed out that the USA government made the progress in decreasing the number of homeless students. The special program was created in order to shorten the figure to 2020.

Mainly the students abandon their homes because of a mental disorder or a family instability which forces them to think that the street life is better at some point. Unfavorable, economic situation, drinking of parents, beating are the main reasons. In this, the researchers point out that nowadays a person’s future strongly depends on conditions of growing up. If you were born poor, then with probability 70% you will be poor in the future.


A lot of homeless students are dreaming about a decent education, but in the USA it costs a lot of money, and even the representatives of a middle class take student’s loans and then during several years of working they should get out of debts. Nowadays the government is considering the law FASFA Fix for Homeless Kids Act according to which homeless students will be able to get necessary financing from the authority and privileges while entering a college.