New Education Platform for Students

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Alongside with these words, we also have to mention that technologically advanced process we are in these days. Different innovations and tech revolution enable us to use all means to get educated and intelligent.


Steve Wozniak, who is considered to be a man to change the world alongside with Steve Jobs, announced his creation of Woz U. You might have heard about this person, as Wozniak is the Apple co-founder.

So, what is about this new education platform. It was admitted that Woz U will work for both students and companies, while companies will them hire those students involved in the online learning. Actually, Woz U is launched in Arizona. However, it eventually hopes to be spread for effective online education in approximately 30 cities around the world.

From the very beginning, this platform will focus on preparing software developers and computer specialists However, with some time, it will provide students with the courses on data science, mobile applications and cybersecurity as well.


Besides the education platform, Woz U will also serve as a platform for companies specialized in technology. Their number will be great enough, so companies will have an opportunity to consolidate, train and reserve their workforce by using on-site customized programs available.

This is not the end concerning Woz U benefits and opportunities. In addition, there will be a platform for K-12 students developed. It will be distributed to different schools by offering STEAM programs. The main aim is to find really talented students and identify their personalities, alongside with encouraging them into tech-based careers making. If that didn’t work, Woz U will also introduce a hasten program with the goal to “to identify and develop elite tech talent.”

Steve Wozniak, the Woz u founder, stated that the goal of this program is to provide all people with a golden opportunity to get educated trained in digital skills, which will eventually help them to find a profitable job without wasting their years for nothing. It was also mentioned that a lot of people are just too afraid to try themselves in technology-based career by thinking that it is too difficult.



However, Wozniak ensures that everything is possible, and by this leaning platform he tends to show how it all works. Steve Wozniak has been working the whole life to change the world to better through technologies with the high respect to education. So, now the era of Woz U is on the go.

For people to become confident users, Woz U will offer an app, which aims to provide people with the assistance of choosing the most appropriate tech field according to their skills and preferences.

No information about pricing is available yet.