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The SAT essay task is structured in such a way, which gives you an opportunity to show up your reading, analytical and writing skills, as you are to analyze an abstract of text and write your analysis down in the form of essay. Whenever you have any questions about essays you can easily contact us and our support. Our writers can help you with editing you topic and writing paper.



 How to do the Task?

First of all, you are to read the passage of the text and try to understand how the author persuades readers After that, use evidence, reasoning, and some other stylistic devices to explain how he or she does this.

Key Features

There will be an abstract of the text, which persuaders people in something. The topic of an abstract will always be general so that no special background knowledge are required. You will have 50 minutes to complete the task, and that is 25 minutes more than it has been on previous SAT essays. You do not need to summaries the abstract, to express your own opinion on it or agree or disagree with the text. All you need is to analyze it.

Getting into more details, you have to consider the author’s usage of evidence (e.g. facts, examples, support claims etc.), his or her reasoning (the way the author connects evidence and facts), and stylistic devices, which the author uses in order to persuade the reader. You do not have to analyze all features, used by the author, it is better to concentrate on the key ones and elaborate them.


The Topic

Of course, SAT essay tasks are the same every year, but the passage differs so that it cannot repeat twice. However, al the passages have common features, which are listed below:

  • The passage should be written for the broad audience;
  • It should argue a point of view;
  • It has to express points of view on the subject;
  • There should be logical facts, reasons, and evidence;
  • The passage should discuss general subjects;
  • It has to be taken from published works.

Components of the Final Mark

There will be two people reading your essay, and thy have to give you 1-4 points on each of three components, listed below. As a result, you can score from 2 to 8 points for every component, and the maximum score can be 24 points in total.

Reading: in order to get the maximum number of points for that component, you are to show the full understanding of the text, its ideas, and special means used in it.

Analysis: in order to get 8 points for the analysis, you have to show the understanding of the author’s choice of arguments:

  • You are expected to examine the authors us of facts, evidence, examples and different persuasive techniques;
  • You should support your claims with appropriate evidence from the text;

Writing: your essay should be well-structured and well-organized to receive the highest score. In addition to that, it should be coherent and cohesive, as well as contain no grammar, spelling, style errors.


Should I Take SAT Essay?

To write SAT Essay is not compulsory for every student, but some schools can require it. If you going to enter a college or university with such requirements, then you are to write SAT Essay for sure.

Sending Scores

The scores for SAT Essay will be sent to you along with the score for other SAT aspects. What is more, you have to send all scores from SAT test. That means that you cannot send your Math score without sending the score for SAT Essay.