Goals are Good, but It Is Better to Focus on Actions

Every person is taught to set certain goals, which he or she wants to achieve. People dream about different things: somebody wants to write a book or build a successful business, others have more down-to-Earth goals, like travelling to some foreign country. Some people achieve their goals, and somebody does not even get close to it. That happens, because the achievement of a goal is not only about setting it but also about focusing on actions, which help you to bright it to life. Our essay writing service always will meet the expectations.


Goal vs Actions

Here is the simple explanation of the difference between the goal and actions:

  • You are a coach of a football team: your goal – to win a championship, actions – a systematic practice of your team;
  • If you are a dissertation writer: aim – to write a dissertation, your actions – follow your writing schedule every day;
  • Being a runner: goal – to run a marathon, actions – systematic training for a month or longer;

Now imagine that you never set a goal for yourself, but you focused on actions instead. Would you be able to achieve that goal?

It may surprise you, but the answer is yes. For example, you’re a keen coach, and you pay much attention to your team’s training, but you’ve never wanted to win a championship. Still, you had a lot of productive practices before and during the season, so that your team plays well. Has it good chances to finish the season at the first place? Certainly.

You will also find three more reasons to focus primarily on actions, not on goals.

Goals cannot Make You Happy Immediately

If you set a goal, which is hard to achieve, you deprive yourself of a chance to feel happy and proud of what you are doing until you actually achieve it. Such an attitude makes you less inspired with what you are doing, you feel more pressure and less desire to pursue your goal.

The solution is simple. Make a kind of a schedule for yourself and stick to it every day, then you will feel a small portion of happiness every day, as you manage to complete everything you wanted for today.


Goals a Bad Long-Term Motivators

As soon as you set a goal for yourself, you will be full of energy and desire to pursue it. However, will you be as inspired as you’ve been at the beginning when the time goes but there is not much progress? Probably not. Another drawback of aims is that you cannot use them as a motivator once they are achieved. For example, you wanted to lose 5 kilos before summer comes, so that you train hard and do a lot of physical exercises. Imagine that the desired weight is lost. Will you continue training? I do not think so. That is why it is better just to concentrate on what you are doing than setting a goal for something.


Goals Predict Planning

As soon as you point at some goal, you will try to predict its process and how close you will be to its achievement in a month, half a year, a year or five years. The absurd of this situation is that we cannot predict the future, and, what is more, we cannot say which obstacles we will meet on our way, as well as we cannot predict a failure.

The thing which you can do instead of that is checking your progress every week or month in order to know whether you do the thing right or your need to make some changes in your system.