Excellent Online Sources for Writing a Research: Craft Your Task

If you are a student that has a major in writing, you are required to conduct research on a lot of writing papers and writing essays. You will be given course materials to begin with, but this is not a tool one can rely on in case you are running out of time. For special occasions, we have reserved an alternative tactic that includes online resources to help you with paragraph building and spelling.

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You can also check your grammar with the help of the platforms, listed below. Make sure that you have saved them to bookmarks for future use. We know it is easy to dismiss the tools with the information at hand, but there is no reason to distrust the sources that are recommended by the experts. Finding substantial background to enhance your learning process is a must for both beginner-level students and experienced writers. Check out the tools that can help you craft excellent academic work and use them to your advantage:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar uses scholarly articles and scientific journals to draw information from. This is the reason you should be very careful with extracting data from the source and make sure that you understand the meaning behind the citation. Also, students need to keep in mind that some articles contain professional terms which may lead to certain complexities. The reason for this is the traditional structure of the material, presented using professional jargon. You can also search for postdoctoral findings, scientific journals, science data, graduate dissertations, and more. The materials are accessible to students regardless of their background and level of preparation. Google Scholar is used for supplementing your initial research and collecting information on a specific paper.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Before students start researching, they have to bear in mind some databases require a paid subscription in order for you to proceed. However, this is not the reason to turn down the search offers as they come up and stop navigating. Try some free online platforms that can be used in learning, such as the Directory of Open Access Journals. The Directory can be used for fast referencing and scientific information just as any other source. The materials have been compiled to help students get easy access to academic data without having to pay for it. By giving a free pass to learners across the country, the database managers ensure that the influx of users remains the same. Even as they start getting educated from home, there is always a chance that the Directory is going to be used for its scientific benefits. It’s a global source that features information on business administration, history, economy, management, and other sciences. You can start getting to know the basic rules of the Directory by visiting the website and clicking for more data.

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Wikipedia is a source that has probably been used in the past as well as presently. It is a free encyclopedia that contains facts on the necessary topic, but can be edited by users at will. Due to the openness and flexibility of the existing platform, Wikipedia is often referred to as a source that is not completely reliable. However, you will soon realize that it is indeed an endless well of valuable resources and should not be ignored in the first place. We would not recommend citing Wikipedia as a part of your research in the academic paper, but you can take advantage of the platform in an alternative way. The experts are certain that Wikipedia makes a great starting point for students who want to do their homework but still don’t know where to begin. Look at the bottom of the page for the list of sources with hyperlinks attached to them. This will help you manage the Wiki section with bibliographic reference and make sure you have something to present in the online class taking place next week. Wikipedia can be a place for credible sources if you are careful about the details and always check your facts twice.

ProQuest Newsstand

Here, you can find thousands of newspaper publications with some of them being published on the same day and ready to use. There are also more than 2,500 sources to choose from and a variety of links available for students who are hunting for knowledge. This contributes to the value of the site that is known for its modern publications and adherence to the standards of academic citing. Students that belong to any of the faculties of Independence University have unlimited access to the sources and can visit the site at any time of the day.


Although Yammer is not the first on the list of platforms for social networking, it is definitely a great addition to your bookmarks. This resource features information for business and education purposes with a convenient layout and practical design. It is also stuffed with tools that can help you put together an essay, a dissertation, or a research paper in no time. The site allows the users to share the outline of their work with fellow students and send reviews for clarification. You can also ask questions that are related to the theme of your work and communicate with other users on demand. As you continue to receive feedback on the research that you have made, this instantly enhances the level of your academic writing.

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Hemingway App

The draft of your paper that is finished before the deadline needs to be as perfect and polished as your teacher expects it to. To live up to your professor’s expectations and make sure you have got the right formatting style, one can easily turn to the app for help. The most interesting aspect about the following application is that it uses AI to scan the written papers and find possible style inconsistencies in the structure of the work. After the scanning is over, the site points out possible errors and helps you improve the tone of the paper by making a few corrections here and there. Although these may be minor, it still counts as timely assistance and provides you with academic work that does not contain any odd bits or unnecessary constructions.


If you are too tired to pay special attention to spelling and grammar, this platform will be a saving grace. No matter what stage of writing you are at, Grammarly will help you form a coherent sentence and come up with better words to express an opinion. It is an automatic checker that is used by students and professional writers worldwide. Even if you are experienced in the art of compelling paperwork, there is space for an improvement technique that is going to impact your writing. Try out Grammarly for more information and see how it works on a daily basis. It is an excellent checker for students who wish to deliver an academic paper that will surpass their teacher’s requirements. It has a free version you can sample to get a better understanding of the platform’s layout.

To craft a brilliant research paper, you can also use additional sources and links that have been provided by your teacher. This will increase the speed of your writing and help you define the draft of the paper before the actual research begins. The experts recommend choosing a platform that has free access and contains hyperlinks that can be used as a basis.