How to feel happy when you are sad

Of course, we are all different and our ways to struggle with sadness differ, too. We may be in the mood for a late night walk or a chat with our friends that want to share news and celebrate. Either way, there has to be a little motivation to keep us going and feeling energetic no matter the mood! You also can ask us: “Write my essay!” – we”ll do that easily, just to make you smile and your education successful!


Give in to the guilty pleasures

Sometimes, you just have to procrastinate to keep going, however ridiculous or ironic it may sound. You may put off until tomorrow what you have for today, and just enjoy your favorite TV show. Never had time to binge watch Game of Thrones? Take a day off and devote it to relaxing activities. Laid-back attitude rarely hurts!

Blast your song and move along

This is a great way to reduce stress. If there is no one around and you are alone in your apartment, get into the groove of your favorite composition and shake it to the rhythm. It is actually what psychologists recommend as it helps to reduce stress and generally produces positive vibes.

Buy fancy things

We all know we can save stuff for the special occasions. We will spill you the truth – that perfect occasion may never come, so light that pretty candle right now and try on new shoes so you can show off next time you go to the club.

The same goes with clothes: if you feel like celebrating, why not dress up? You will probably say that studies take a lot of your time, and we agree, but then, there is nothing better than giving it all up for a while and having a self-day. Go out with someone who makes you happy and ensure you know what time you should return home, otherwise you will most likely be late for classes the next day!



Literally, turn on your song and scream it all the way. Yes, the weirdness of this exercise is obvious, and yet we recommend it from the bottom of our hearts. It is a therapy that should be available to everyone, especially if you don’t have any complaining neighbors around. Ideally, go to a karaoke bar with friends and hit the dance floor. It is not the pastime you would choose for a regular night out, but it is the kind of treatment that you need to unwind after a long day and paint the town red!

Purchase something which is silly but makes you smile

You can buy ridiculous clothes from time to time. The best place to do it is a thrift shop. It can be a hippy windbreaker you always wanted, or some kind of hat that you are truly ashamed of, but which secretly makes you proud. The main rule is that this item should be cool and cute and make you feel good when you are down. Don’t worry about people’s reactions – you can allow yourself to be silly occasionally without being nervous and guessing what others might think.


Have a great time with friends

Meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a really long time, and make sure you spend the best hours together. Reconnect with someone you haven’t been talking to for a month or a year and ask them about their life and positive impressions. If you are not feeling like partying, organize a study group to make the process easier and engage in writing an essay with the friend’s assistance. We can assure you this will give you the necessary motivation to go about your day and never stop trying!