The definition of real love

We all know that real love has nothing in common with romantic representation in the popular literature, yet we fall into the same trap of believing the pattern again and again.


Clichéd scenes haunt our heads and thoughts and we cannot escape the feeling we want the same adrenaline in our life. Why is that so? Can we realize the importance of true feelings and ignore the unrealistic pictures that show us that euphoria stays forever? For some of us, it may be just like that.

Have you ever dreamed of a spontaneous wedding? The one that takes place in Vegas, attracts public attention and generally looks like a casual event rather than a big deal? If not, you are one of the supporters of the popular theory: love is not irrational. It is a thought-out, deep and unconditional attachment to the person who is just as imperfect and flawed as yourself, and the ability to find a common language with the said individual.

We do not fall in love on the spot, though chick flick lovers may state the opposite. The truth of life is simple, yet beautiful: love can be described as a choice to stay attracted to a person, and showing commitment when the other half is down. When your wedding day is left behind and the memory of it seems to be distant and almost surreal, there comes a time to realize your significant other is a human being with mood swings and personal struggles.


You have problems to solve, and that is perfectly normal, because we all have inner conflicts that are far from that euphoric feelings you experienced from the start. You don’t have to go with the flow, however. You’ve made a choice, and now you have to work it all out.

It goes without saying that we cannot choose the object of attraction, but we can definitely make sensible decisions when it comes to living together. Nowadays, we are strongly recommended to listen to our hearts. Television and romantic comedies influence our emotional intellect, as we are taught to follow our desires and be hedonistic.

Love actually

If you look at the issue from the position of an intuitive thinker, however, you can make the opposite conclusions. Our emotions are a subtle substance. They always change and are hard to distinguish. Real love, on the other hand, represents something constant. It can be called the guiding star of the relationship as it is always there to help you out and lend you a hand in the times of trouble.

Life is full of unpredictable situations, where you have to choose a college, find a job and plan your future routine, and you can’t ignore personal desires every time you are faced with an obstacle. On the contrary, you have to stay committed in the times of happiness and chaos, and that is the way to go. Some of you may argue that love is more about spontaneity and directness and making your life an endless summer holiday, but we believe it is much more than a random emotion.


It is not always glamorous: real love is not afraid of sweat, dripping down the forehead, and hard work to match. You have to be really strong to overcome trouble and support each other in real life situations. With time, it starts to feel less like a holiday and more like a job, but that is not a problem. It means you’ve found a new understanding of your emotion. Having analyzed previous issues, you can work your way into a healthy, romantic relationship that will keep both of you satisfied.