Student’s Guide. How to become a more organized student

If you’re reading this article, it is likely that you struggle with students’ time management and personal organization while being in high-school.

First of all, don’t panic since you are not alone and many students worldwide face such issues all the time.


Second, it’s great that you’ve managed to pinpoint that you have a problem since many people might prefer to stay oblivious and deny that they have any issues whatsoever.

Third, give yourself credit for trying to figure out how you can improve yourself and get more organized. Some students know that they have a problem but choose not to do anything about it.

So what can be done to become better in managing your busy student life that is fully packed with academic commitments, social events and, perhaps, even a part-time job?

Check out our simple guide on how to become more efficient and organized in high school.


Use a planner

This piece of advice might sound boring and too old-fashioned but if you are determined to get on top of your commitments, you must incorporate keeping a daily planner into your everyday life routine.

We don’t suggest having a notebook, which is full of different organizational stickers with perfectly arranged reminders written by glittery colored pencils, markers, and pens.

You are welcome to keep it all simple and straightforward. The idea behind using a planner is to keep track of social events and academic commitments. What can be more stressful as the realization that you missed the deadline, be it something formal like discussing your essay with the tutor or a fun Saturday meeting with friends?

Your planner doesn’t have to be perfect since its initial purpose is to help you prioritize various scheduled activities without missing some key events.

Follow your evening routine

Here is another tip for those who want to improve the organizational skills and make each day more successful than the previous one.

Creating and following your evening routine will make the next day less stressful and more efficient. Be pre-prepared by doing the following:

  • Check your daily planner to know what assignments are planned the next day and what things you might need to take with you.
  • Pack your backpack with necessary stuff such as your notebooks and gym uniform.
  • Plug in your electronic devices such as phone, watch or laptop for the night.
  • Think of what you are going to wear and make sure that your clothes are ready for the morning so that you do not spend extra time choosing what to wear, which usually results in being late.
  • Prepare your lunch beforehand or at least plan what ingredients you will use to fill your lunch box in the morning. If you prefer to buy school meals, make sure that you have the necessary amount of money with you.

Learn to deal with issues proactively

Life is unpredictable and different unplanned events can happen. If an unfortunate case such as, for example, getting ill and missing several days of the school took place, make sure to deal with the situation responsibly and proactively.


Do not put off talking to your teachers about your illness and discuss realistic dates for dealing with the material that you need to catch up on. Talk about possible extensions and demonstrate to your tutors that you are willing to not miss any deadlines and you are truly making an effort.

Being organized might not sound very exciting for a student since it might seem to be quite monotonous. As a matter of fact, cultivating of your organizational skills is very likely to make your life less stressful and more interesting. How? When you follow the daily routines according to your schedule, you have high chances of getting more free time for things that interest you. To top it all, the feeling of being proud of yourself for becoming more organized and efficient is indeed priceless.