Top 10 Scary Movies about College

Watching horror movies in the company of friends in a college dorm is always fun, especially before Halloween. We have prepared a list of best movies for such occasion, so grab your favorite popcorn, invite friends and get your portion of adrenalin. But Darwin will help with essay task at first!


 “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Breathtaking thriller from the nineties will catch your attention with staring cast, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillipe. The intriguing plot about the car accident and hidden body will make you worry about these gorgeous college friends. Unknown stocker lives them a message and starts to destroy their lives.

 “The Blair Witch Project”

It is not an extremely explicit movie, but The Blair Witch Project will scare you to death. The tape with the project was found by a police many years later and it is shown to the audience. The movie is shot in the form of a documentary, which makes it extremely convincing and even more scary.

“Scream 2”

Scream 2 is a sequel to the first movie, but a lot of fans agree that it is better than the first part. The plot unfolds around the imaginary university campus, which is a target of a serial killer. Scream 2 is a mind game, which will make you scared to death every time your phone rings.


“Friday the 13th

This movie is about Jason – the ultimate horror movie character, who will scare life out of you. Friday the 13th is quite an old movie but you can watch it again and again, as it will put your heart in panic mode each time, you watch it. By the way, do not forget to check your closet, before going to bed.

“Black Christmas”

Do you think Christmas is a pleasant and enjoyable holiday? “Black Christmas” will change your mind. This movie tells about a serial killer, who was “on duty” during Christmas holiday. This film will make you nervous for sure. There is a modern remake, but it is better to choose the original, released in 1974.

 “Urban Legend”

The college has a lot of legends, but that one will scare you to death. Watch Urban Legend (1998) and learn about urban legend connected to series of cruel murders.


A lot of students are familiar with hostels, especially those who like travelling. Actually, the hostel is a great place to set horror movie. College friends go to Europe, and that is where they discover that dangerous place. The place is imaginary, nonetheless, movie is extremely terrifying.


“Cry Wolf”

A group of adventurous school students made up a game about a serial killer. Imagine their feelings, when their game become a reality. This movie keeps you in suspense till the very end, as it is hard to guess, who the killer is.

The Last House on the Left

A gang kidnap and assault two young women. After that, they sought refuge and found it at the vocation house, which belonged to parents of one victim. That is when a mother and a father of the girt took a revenge on the gang and scare them to death.


We all know how problematic college roommates can be. This movie unfolds around such, quite typical story. Despite all that, it is a bit ridiculous college thriller, which will catch your attention. The plot is interesting, but far from Oscar-winning one.