10 Best Schools for Dancing in the US

Your life is definitely great if you dance through it. There is a list of best colleges and universities to master this both wonderful and tough discipline under the eye of best professors in the dance art.


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 Julliard School

There is no need to introduce this dance school, as it is the best place for dancers not only in the US but in the world. They except only 24 dancers each year and only the most talented dancers have a chance to study here.

Fordham University

This university is situated in one of the cultural centers, but it is not the only benefit this educational institution may offer to its students. Best dances, who enter Fordham university have a chance to benefit from the partnership with Ailey School – most famous and prestigious dance institution in the United states.

 New York University

This place is famous with its dance teachers, who will teach you how to move. However, students here also study the lightning, scene equipment and everything else, which concerns the show making, especially its technical side. This knowledge is valuable; especially is you will not start a career of a professional dancer after graduation.

The Ailey School

There isn’t a professional dancer, who would not hear about Alvin Ailey, as they are the best dancers of all times. Its school offers a summer program and actual degree, but you are to be among 35 lucky people, who have been excepted to both Ailey and Fordham schools. Only after that, you will have a chance to be a part of that legendary school.

University of Arizona

This school has powerful ballet and jazz dancing educational program, but it is also famous for its contemporary dancing curriculum. It offers an amazing combination of classic and modern dance experience. Moreover, graduators of Arizona university made their way to the most famous dancing companies.


Butler University

Butler University is the heard of ballet and classic dancing on the Midwest of the USA. They were renovated to offer a great program for both developments of dancing skills and studying of the theoretical part of arts.

The University of the Arts

This uni is situated in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, and it offers the most expanded dance program in the USA. It consists of 14 dancing studios, where students study jazz, improvisation, modern dancing techniques and ballet.

Indiana University

If you are keen on ballet and you have a desire to spend all day in pointe shoes, then Indiana University is waiting for you. They have a focus on ballet and this kind of dance is considered to be a key to success for this uni.


Southern Methodist University

If you are looking for unparalleled instructions in dancing, then this is the right place for you. Maybe, those, who are eager for contemporary dancing will not fit in, but people interested in classic disciplines are perfect candidates. Southern Methodist university has a great theoretical program, as well as strong jazz and ballet educations. So if you are interested in unparalleled training this place is the right choice.

Dominican University in California

You may wonder what does this school do on our list? It is here because it is one of the best contemporary dancing schools in the USA. It has an agreement with Alonzo King LINES Ballet, which is one of the most famous in the country, and graduators of Dominican University in California have god chances to join them to make a living.