What You Should Read to Plan Your Own City

Planning cities, or urban design, should be considered not only as an extremely interesting, but also as a very complicated business, as it requires professional skills and knowledge from various disciplines.


Despite the fact that the basis of modern urban design was laid in the 20th century, urban planning was extremely developed in the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, China and medieval Europe. The list of the books we offer includes points that tell more about fundamental urban design theories and the latest trends in this field.

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What Do We Know About the ‘Father of Science Fiction’?

The life path of Jules Verne started in 1828 in Nantes, France, but at that time nothing was showing that his future might be connected with writing. On the contrary, he had good chances to link his life with law, as his father was a pretty good lawyer. After studying at a boarding school the young man went to Paris, there he got his law degree.


As a child Jules Verne was enthusiastic and inspired with the stories of nautical adventures and shipwrecks. They were told by the sailors who came in the docks of the native city.

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The hidden message of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine of 2017

To the major part of the society Nobel Prize means a world’s recognition of the scientific research. It remains the true for the decades. However, the research work in biology and medicine goes further back in times, when it all started with the studies of plants, animals, fungi and bacteria. Scientists of the past did think about getting money or any other benefits out of their research except for the pure curiosity of the world and the fundaments of its diversity. That’s what scientists call the fundamental research. As the time went by, the priority of scientific research changed significantly, obviously, for the sake of humanity.


In the modern world the researches related to human diseases and its cure are taking the leading role pushing the fundamental aspects of science far to the background. However, this year’s Nobel Prize winners made a splash in the scientific society and here is why.

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Do not let your admission essay was like this one, take care of your thoughts and manners, be wise to think over Kushner’s words. scott-webb-342400

On 11 of September Megan Amram posted an article, more exactly, admission essay of Jared Kushner as if he was applying to Harvard.

Letter of a jest about how rich adults could apply into elite universities, in particular, to Harvard. Our writers and team who are working on writing and editing essays were diverted with an amusing story and with ring of truth about educational system.

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The Face of a Library

What was the last time you have beet to a library? If you are not a student or a professor it might be quite a long time ago. Though you should still remember how it looks like: nice racks with shiny glance books in hard and soft covers, computer desks and comfortable software for librarians to navigate around the library. However, the library hasn’t always looked like this. The evolution of the library is pretty surprising and it has got it greatest boost with the development of the computers. Right now, libraries, together with the books they hold, live through the digital era and great innovations. One may argue that the spirit of library and the life of books are on the way to extinction. We cannot agree with it, with the books being more popular to read in the digital format, yet.


It doesn’t matter whether the book is on the E-reader or you are actually feeling the pages, the most important thing – the information it delivers – will reach the reader no matter the format of its delivery.

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Why to Follow Pinterest? Must Have Pinterest Accounts

As Bill Gates once said: “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”. It is a true statement not only for businesses now but for any type of activity in our life. We mainly get the news from the Internet. To write out a newspaper on cooking recipes is not popular anymore; people prefer to follow cooking accounts on Facebook or Pinterest. With the help of the Internet the information travels around the world in a matter of seconds and reaches thousands of people at the same time.


For college students that are extremely involved in the fast rate and the beauty of the life, it is absolutely important to get the news on time. To stay tuned with all the college events, we offer you a list of must have Pinterest accounts what will definitely come in hand.

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What are the TED Talks for College Students?

We learn lots of interesting and useful subjects at school and college. Though, there’s much more information that is not studied: things that don’t concern Math, Biology or other subjects directly but the process of studying itself and application of that knowledge. TED Talks is one of the grates projects that helps students and adults realize the problems and broaden the outlook. Here is the list of some very useful TED speeches for college students and adults giving a guideline to the successful education process.


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The Variety of Recreation Centers

College life is extremely full of impressions, new connections, interesting studies and leadership activities. It can be often complex and confusing to combine the studies, work and personal life in the hectic but fascinating student life. All the various activities in college often make the head spin. That is why colleges have the recreation centers for students to relax from the stress and get new acquaintances on campus. There is a wide range of options for students to spend their leisure time. Some recreations are aimed for an active free time, such as fitness and dancing clubs, climbing and swimming. Other students prefer to calm down with a cup of coffee and to start writing essay or socialize with a couple of friends in café discussing topics.


There are various opportunities to relax for all tastes. If you are looking for a college to roll in, besides the academic opportunity, you might also check on what they can offer a student to divers the campus life. Here is a short list of the most remarkable recreation centers for student around the US.

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Academic difficulties in Irish Universities

Secondary education plays vital part in academic system in any country because it prepares students for studying in colleges. College academic patterns of working with students count on basic knowledge that undergraduates are expected to get in school. Professors and lecturers are limited in time, thus, they give only necessary college materials assuming that students have the basic knowledge of the subject. In practice, it happens that the academic gap in some primary knowledge and skills because of the decline of standards in secondary education prevents students from succeeding in college classes.


It’s the problem that has recently hit Irish colleges. There is no way that one can stack new limestone blocks to build a pyramid, when there’s no foundation for them. The same thing happens in education: lecturers claim that the reason students fail in classes lies in the inability to store new knowledge because they lack the basis. The first ones to speak up about the problem were lecturers that faced students’ helplessness in writing essays. Students fail to pass the module because of the huge gap in analyzing and writing an essay. Schools simply do not emphasis on things that students will encounter with.

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The Secrets of Healing and Relaxing in Nature

Do you know that an average American spends about 10 hours a day in front of a blue screen? That includes: the phones, TV and computers. Now think of the last time you spent outside? Not just watering the plants or walking on the way from work to your place. I mean the real walk in a forest or on the beach coast, taking time to breathe the fresh air, clean up the thoughts, smell the pines or roses in the park. In most cases, we say that there’s not enough time for those things. The truth is, the health doesn’t have enough time to stay strong either.  We have to find at least an hour a day to care about it and help the body to heal and we want to share this important essay issue with you.


The time is flying by inexorably and if we do not think about the health now, there may be no point to care about other things such as work in the future.  The nature has a key to the healing power.

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