Dota 2017. Tournament Overview

The International is a very special event not only for players of Dota 2, but also for all gamers around the world. This annual tournament organized by Valve traditionally takes place in Seattle, USA, and this year venue where the best international teams were united is the KeyArena. The scale of the International 2017 impresses everyone who follows the news and tries to be aware of everything that happens at the tournament. We all know eSport lead a trend for educational topics, programs and design and then some, our essay writers like gaming too, so lets read how did things stand on T17.gmgzFjx

There are some points that make T17 so special and attract attention – the Dota 2 Patch 7.0 and the prize pool. Considering the T17 Prize Pool, it is constantly increasing and this year is $24 787 916; compare it to the first one ($1 600 000) and agree that the difference is huge.

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What School Programs Are Being Cut Off the Federal Support?

President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are planning to cut the federal education budget for $ 10.6 billion. The reduction of budget will occur to more than 22 school and college programs. According to the budget documents it will include the cut of $2.1 billion in financing teacher training and $27 million for arts education. The rest of the cuts include child care for low-income parents in college; two programs designed for Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students, a couple of exchange international education programs  and foreign language programs, programs for gifted students; and programs  for Special Olympics education.



Moreover, there is no money assign to various grants, supporting student funds. This was the only source of money for schools to pay for the range of advanced classes, anti-bullying sessions and mental-health services. It is not all for schools: a cut off for after-school programs at the rate of $1.2 billion is also on the budget document. These after-school activities mostly served poor children.

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Young Generation Skills

It is not long ago that IT technologies only started to develop. IT-related jobs such as soft engineers, web developers and coders are in high demand and it is clear that it will remain so for a long time in future. Nevertheless, the situation is changing for average IT non-related workers: teachers, bankers or scientists, for instance.


The newest technologies have penetrated so deeply into all parts of our life that understanding of how computers and various applications work, as well as skills of using them in work, are now getting compulsory. So what are digital skills that are expected to be compulsory for almost every resume in the nearest future?

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Nature is our future office!

Nowadays the most successful companies provide the trends for running shoes, sunlight tables and garages for bicycles only. And such kind of thinks are becoming more and more popular, and the simple answer to the question why all this is more popular than high-heeled shoes and cabinets, is that it`s good for business. Ask our essay writer to write unique essay on your topic,we also can help you with topic.


We do not operate with words only, we have also evidence which is the government-supported certification program. It`s created to make workers happier and healthier. Employers can monitor how office workplace influence their employees` well-being. This program is called Fitwel, and it`s aimed to prove that fitter workers can make to fitter companies.

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Motivational essay writing quotes

Quotation is a powerful weapon which can`t be used by everyone, only by those who are real masters of word. It`s important for every person who deals with education and science to write and speak nice. In addition, if you are a student to pass GRE, then quotes should worry you as well.

writing quotes(1)

While writing arguments in essay you sound more convincing if you support your opinion with the worlds of some famous person. In addition, you will get higher score as essays with quotes have bigger impact on the reader and show your intellect.

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Education marketing trends which are useful to follow

Nowadays SEO, content and email marketing play an important role, still you are to keep your eye on education marketing not to be left behind. So let`s check the main trends for 2017!


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Making Your Pets Popular on Instagram

Cats and bats, rats and other pets seem to bombard Instagram on a regular basis. What should we do then to promote our Instagram account and gain as many followers to share the pic of our beloved pets as possible? You can buy an essay to share your experience!


Learn more with our brief summary on the most crucial steps:

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Which challenges will the global higher education face in the next few years?

We all need high quality higher education like never before. It will help overcome difficulties some countries face today and create better future for next generations. Our world is rapidly changing.


However, some global changes are not for the best. Current global crises can influence education in a bad way. Universities should prove the value and potential of higher education and modernize some of its aspects. So, what challenges must higher education overcome to contribute best to the world community?

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Main Education Marketing Trends

Want to be ahead of the curve in marketing, always? It is time you fill your head with new ideas, presumably securing your place in the business and helping you to maneuver between outdate content and obsolete trends.


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Things in tech that will definitely surprise you

The world of technology is constantly changing. The world-famous companies never stop surprising us with their novelties. Here is the technology news you have to know exactly today.


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