3 Tips on How to Create a Proper User Manual

Creating a good user manual can be a challenge because you need to be sure that this instruction is user-friendly and actually helps someone do something. You cannot just leave the readers guessing and trying to understand: the reason they read your user manual is to get help with no questions left.



It requires from you good technical writing and understanding of the product so before you start, ask yourself a few questions.

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Making Money from Home

The Web overflows with thousands of offers and suggestions for earning options. However, along with the really nice chances to make money, people post a lot of fraud and untrustworthy information.


Sometimes you can be offered to buy something or contribute some sum of money required to start your work and after a while, people disappear, as well as their brilliant opportunity of easy income.

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Harvard Application 2019: How to Create a Great Essay

Such essays give you a chance to share all the things you could not write in other types of papers. As a topic, you can choose some activity you have been into for a long time and which can let you present such of your qualities as leadership, commitment and fitting into the college culture.


A good strategy will be to describe the job you just started, why you picked it, what drew you into it and what you have learned from it. You need to fit all the necessary info Harvard admission officers should know into a pretty small space, and this is possible if done wisely.

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Improve Your Mental Health

Nowadays, keeping a journal where you write down your thoughts and feelings proved to be an effective emotion management tool. If you found yourself in the situation when you struggle with the stress, depression or anxiety, consider trying to keep a journal.


If you are not sure how to do that, check out some of our helpful guidelines.

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How to get into writing a series that can become a bestseller

Creating a series can help you become a famous writer because if the first book turned out to be popular and was warmly (or sometimes even fanatically) accepted by the audience, it means that the readers are hooked on your book.


Writing a series after the success of the first creation is a must if you want to make a big time as a writer. In addition to this, do remember that writing a continuation of the successful book will give your readers a pleasure to enjoy the further chapters of your unique addictive story.

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How to write a great dialogue

Writing a great story might be challenging but including a gripping dialogue can make the reader want to read on. Proper formatting of a dialogue can help your story stand out. Here are some of our tips on how to write a story that can be memorable.


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How to use the words ‘wet’ and ‘whet’ correctly

Whetting your whistle might hurt while wetting an appetite is actually impossible. How to use verbs whet and wet correctly? The wrong usage of these two words happens very often. There is no connection between these two verbs but they turn out to be baffling for many writers through centuries.


They are homophones and, naturally, very often they are confusing for many. Let’s get deeper into the mix-up of two words wet and whet and how to avoid the unnecessary confusion.

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What a meme comes from: historical facts that influenced the culture

In the theory of ideas seen as little living organisms and mutating from brain to brain lies the book of Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins made this statement in far 1976. The biologist did not know that these ideas which he named memes would later evolve into one of the great parts on today’s Internet culture.


Now we are surrounded by information technologies: we all have iPads and large TV displays. We can google anything we need and we have access to lots of information. But how did we come to this point?

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5 dominating stylish words and their history

If you live in the woods, you might need to know how to survive in different challenging environmental situations. However, living in the big city requires proper communication with other people and using correct language is a must if you want to succeed.


Here is an essay with a list of words which are popular nowadays in our social world.

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