How to Create an Awesome Story? Tips and Strategies

When watching movies and reading books that feature really amazing narratives, you might have a question: “How are these amazing stories born?” Of course, every author has individual techniques and strategies that distinguish him or her from all the others. This is something that really makes storytelling unique. However, you need something to start from before you have developed your own strategy.


In this post, we will share some useful advice on how to create a good story. Hopefully, they will not only make your writing easier, but also help you look deeper into your own discoveries of this art.

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Free Online Sources to Study English and Communications, Foreign and Sign Languages

In modern days, you don’t have to be a student of a particular college or university in order to have access to various courses, tutorials and lectures of notable professors.


Here is an essay of useful learning sites that offer an opportunity to study languages online and for free.

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Free Broadcasting Media, Online Archives and Open Educational Directories for Studying

Whatever you research, the success of your study depends on how thoroughly you gather the information on your subject. Online access to useful educational sources will help highlight the issue properly and validate the results of the survey.


Check out our list of platforms, portals and channels that are able to provide valuable information to any student anywhere in the world.

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5 Common Grammar Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

It might be quite embarrassing for any writer to have a text that is riddled with errors. Even one comma put in the wrong place can confuse your readers and they might misunderstand your point. Besides, your credibility as an essay writer might not be high. With our guide, learn how to avoid most common grammar mistakes to represent yourself and your work in the best way.


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6 Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

One grammatical error can cause others to question your credibility as a writer. Here is the list of the most common grammar mistakes together with the examples of the correct contextual usage. Check out our guide and never make the embarrassing errors again.


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7 tips on How to Effectively Create a Personal and Family Story

Each personal story and family memoir is unique and inimitable. We all have something to tell. Depicting how we see ourselves and people who surround us on our life path is an exciting process. It might be quite an emotional journey but it is definitely worth embarking on. Here are some tips that may help you make the writing of your history easy and enjoyable.


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What is Thanksgiving Day in the United States?

Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday, which is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November. Its origin can be traced back to 1621. Today, the celebration is associated with the positive atmosphere of family gathering and tasty food. What is the origin of the holiday and why Americans keep celebrating Thanksgiving for centuries?


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8 Tips on How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is an exciting occupation that can help you express your thoughts, feelings, develop your imagination, and become more self-disciplined. However, it is also a hobby that requires a lot of efforts and self-improvement.

Guide for students

You should constantly work on your writing skills if you want to sound educated, interesting, and intriguing. Thus, we can offer you eight useful tips that can help you improve your essay writing. They do not depend on each other, so you can take up only some of them and try them all in random order.

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How to Effectively Integrate Google Drive Tools into Student Projects

Many students think that Google Drive is all about creating spreadsheets and storing files. In fact, this powerful service has a huge variety of tools applying which can effectively optimize the learning process of students.


It can also simplify your life of a teacher since a lot of important classroom activities can get automated.

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How to Choose Student Look

Even if you are still at college, perhaps, you have already thought about your further career. Maybe, you even have attended several interviews. Unfortunately, most of the young people face a lot of difficulties when they have first interviews. There are a lot of reasons that cause such a situation.


Students are full of hope and belief in their knowledge and skills but potential employers are not always satisfied with that. Why is it so? A successful candidate represents a set of certain skills and knowledge and other important details.

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