Roller Coaster post college life

Most of students are looking for their graduation to get rid of the essay writing and exams taking routine. The life after college seems to be saturated with freedom and adulthood. However, a lot of young people get into the situation of discomfort and are often confused about their further actions. Apartment search, new flatmates, job hunting – all these problems seems to be united on purpose to ruin the adult life of the graduates. How to stay calm and make only right and suitable decisions? There are some methods, which are used by thousands of other former students.


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Oscars of the comics’ world

If you have never heard about the awards, given to the comic books, it’s time to learn about the Eisners, the prototype of the Oscars. There are comic books we can talk about for hours, and still remain enchanted by them. What is the secret of us being drawn to comics? Is there a world we have to discover? Truly, we have made a research of more than a few books that would make a pretty collection and win Oscars without trying too hard.


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Books which will help you to change into better

The moment when you take a new book in your hands is really special, as you stay in front of new ideas and adventures, in front of something unknown and mysterious… Will this book bring you pleasure and satisfaction? This all depends on the book you have chosen. We offer your attention some of the greatest books which will definitely influence your life, change your general idea of the world around. Our service always trying to inspire students with our thoughts on essay writing or creative suggestions of our writers, in this Darwin post you can read about resources that can guideyou to improve your ideas.


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Do vegetarians really save the environment?

Claudio Bertonatti may become a household name in Argentina, since he published an article that clearly stated vegan eating does not prevent animal death. There will be no exaggeration in saying it caused a turmoil among animal rights supporters and people, who care deeply about the environment. The truth that Bertonatti revealed, though, is simple: vegans kill animals just like others do, and if they think they are not, further studies will show otherwise.


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A story of a boy who was admitted to Stanford

Ziad Ahmed always wanted to go to Stanford. After he submitted his application letter, there was one question left unanswered. It confused seniors before Ziad, and the boy had to think twice before he made the decision of his life. Nobody knew what was going to happen next, until hashtag #BlackLivesMatter went viral and made the Internet explode.


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The story of Starbucks

The story of the popular coffee brand started, like most success ventures, with an idea. Originally, Starbucks was not the one to produce brewed beverages and espresso. They were selling coffee beans. We easily state the fact of Starbucks success, of success other companies and our clients with essays written by us!


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Spring cleaning for productivity boosting

As days are getting longer and sun is showing itself finally, we understand the importance of a good cleaning. If you have a desk that is cluttered with academic writing and texts that you don’t need, it’s time for a revision and a planning routine that will help you stay sharp throughout the week. To put your papers in order, you should concentrate on a few simple tasks. The process of writing an essay is very similar with planing everything and creating a structure, need some help ?


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Ikea’s success story

What do we know about Ikea in general? We can start with the information that is on display and within easy reach to anyone who is remotely interested in the brand. Ikea has almost 300 stores in 26 countries, and it is a retailer group from Netherlands, which earns $36 billion a year. In this our post you can read about success story of Ikea company and to be inspired with it’s history, we try our best to make your story successfull too, we have our discounts on essay for best clients ever.


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Shoe design. Creating shoe fashion

There are several options you can start with when trying to design shoes. Of course, there are universal tricks, but the ones we are going to talk about today can be applied to any fashion industry. The main secret? Blaze your own path and don’t forget to harness your energy in the right direction. For our girls clients we create topics about clothes design and fashion, writing essays about street fashion and popular look books, vlogs and fashion blogs.


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Art and design in Norway

Among universities that offer art education for students, Norway establishments occupy an honorary place. You can choose from a variety of programs and even hope for college application help if you are from abroad. Let’s see what Scandinavia has to offer in terms of academia. Our writing service support people all over the world, Scandinavian country has great art and design disciplines.


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