How to Choose a Graduate Job

We spend a lot of time learning, studying hard in order to get knowledge, skills, abilities and also degree of our specialization. After all that we hope to get a job. During the last year of studying at university you may hear that someone has already found job after graduating or have some variants where he or he is going to work. But you don’t have to worry and panic like have missed your train and everything. We are going discuss how use your degree in developing of your career.

Be realistic about who you are and your desires


This is just beginning point but it is very important. To choose the best graduate you have to be honest with yourself. You should take into consideration some factors that may influence on your further choices. It will be better for you to answer on this list of questions: What can I can do? What can’t I do? What do I like to do? What don’t I like to do? What are my strong and weak points? Which position I would like to have after some years? Whether I prefer to work in team or just by myself? These are the main questions and this list you may continue by yourself according to your needs and thing that you consider important. After answering on these question it will be easier to look for a job that you would like to have in future.

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Available scholarships in New Zealand for studying

Everyone wants to get high quality education and spent less money. New Zealand has something to offer for you that will satisfy your needs and opportunities. According to QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings New Zealand takes 16th place of the educational systems from the whole world. New Zealand `has a great number of scholarship that allow you to live and study in wonderful country with picturesque nature, high living standards and great educational system. There are 3 kinds of scholarships: • Governmental. • University. • Scholarships that have other sponsorships.


Governmental Scholarships in New Zealand

• Fulbright New Zealand US Graduate Awards. This stipend for every student from USA who is going to study on research program or a postgraduate in any sphere or subject at New Zealand universities. It covers studying expanses, costs for living, air flights and even more. • New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarships. It allows studying for students from countries of Commonwealth of Nations and in Pacific and also for countries that are developing now. These scholarships entirely sponsored by government and covers study costs, living and another expenses. • New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships. It gives a grant for foreign students that applied to any New Zeland University for PhD program. It covers all expenses for studying and living up to 3 academic years. It is gives stipend according to academic success.

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Higher education plays an important role in our lives and we all want to spend our studying years with comfort and pleasure. When people talk about education in Europe, their first thoughts about France, United Kingdom, Germany. And they are right, because there is high level of education, but they forget about other European countries that also provide high quality of education. According to the Qs Higher Education System Strength Rankings these countries in the top 50 and they claim position below the 21 in the rankings. All of them ready to show and offer their own educational systems, wonderful culture and exciting studying process.

Harmonious Austria


Let’s start our excursion from Austria. It allows you to study in the oldest German-speaking University of the world, Vienna. Another advantage is that Austria in the middle of Europe that allow you easily visit close to it countries. It provide wide range of different disciplines that helps easily choose suitable for you. It is also needs to mention that Austria well developed in musical and cultural sphere.

Stunning Belgium

The next country is Belgium According to the System Strength Rankings I takes 15th place. It is very suitable country for studying new languages and also a great number of different courses in studying English. Culture life of Belgium differs from others. It has a rich history, lovely rural areas, and just delicious cuisine. Belgium provides high quality of education in universities that makes your studying unforgettable.

Charming Czech Republic


If you are going to study medicine and engineering disciplines, the best variant for you is Czech Republic. It is aimed on giving high quality education to all its and also international students. Every year the number of universities that provide English-speaking courses on different disciplines increases. There also some advantages. Cost of living and tuition fees not so high and the capital Prague is one of the most adorable cities in Europe.

Digital but real Estonia

Our next destination for studying is Estonia. In nowadays it is a leader developing different new technologies that will make your studying more exciting. The most prominent are creation of Skype and TransferWise. Estonia likes modernization and uses automaton that makes our life easier. It also has attractive architecture and culture. It will the best variant for those who like different gadgets.

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Top Chemical Engineering Schools in 2016

We are living in the modern world with new technologies, opportunities and science. More and more new disciplines have become more and more important in nowadays. Everyone has its own preferences but all of us need good and quality education. According to this we have collected universities from different countries in different parts of the globe to offer you the best of them to choose for studying chemical engineering.


In the Orient world there are a great number of wonderful universities that may be suitable for you and your needs and we are going to tell you about the best of them. The most of them you may find in China. It is one of the most advanced countries on the planet. They have already used 3D printers to print whole buildings. The best Chinese universities are University of Zhejiang and University of Tsinghua. They are open for every international student. Next our Orient country is of course Japan. It offers you University of Kyoto that is on the 9th place in world’s ranking. It is one of the best variants for you to gain really valuable knowledge. Then you may visit India. It has universities that you may find in the top 100 and one of the best six is National Taiwan University. One of the best places to spend your education year with benefit and pleasure.


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Why you should study in Montreal

Montreal is one of the largest cities in Canada. This city is full with international students, and if you still do not know why, you should learn about it, and probably after this you also will decide to choose this wonderful city to study in.

1. Low prices.

Probably the first reason why international students are so interested with Montreal is prices of this city. Renting apartments is available even for students; as well prices for studying in higher educational institution are much lower than in universities of America, but still level of education is very high.

2. Very beautiful city

Montreal is really the most beautiful place in Canada. Here you can find both old admirable houses as impressive glass skyscrapers. You can feel special spirit of Montreal history and visit amazing nightclubs. There is a great deal of parks, climate is soft and architecture is wonderful.


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What if you cannot choose between Harvard and Yale?

Harvard and Yale are really one of the first-class Universities on the Earth. Both of them will give you an abundant tuition and possibility to evolve in the sphere you like, but if you have such a big luck to choose between them, which one is finer? Which should become your second home for the next few years and which would have a big impact on your future? Well, if we decide to compare them, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for Harvard and Yale, and we will try to think over some of them, and then you will make your right choice. Harvard was creating political and scientific elite of the country for decades (8 presidents and 30 Nobel laureates graduated this University). Yale University is known as excellent for those who choose a humanitarian direction.



Harvard always is one of leaders in QS World University Rankings, and Yale is several steps back Harvard in this Rankings. Here Harvard surpasses Yale at almost all stages, but it should be noted that Yale is also very strong in many subjects. Still Yale has much more academic staff workers per each one student than Harvard. Yale has got the 7th position in this issue, but Harvard is only on 40th place.

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How you can sell your textbooks

So you successfully finished your school year, passed all exams, celebrated the end. If you live in a dormitory, you happily gather all your things and go home. There were collected a lot of these things during the whole school year. And the worst of them all is a mountain of used textbooks. You will never need them, but still you do not want to throw the book, because you pay for them not a chicken feed. They will gather dust on your bookshelf and you will never find a good use of them, only if you for some unknown reason will not have got something to set the fire…


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Some curious information about Sydney

Australia is a very distant country, so tourists rarely choose it as a goal of their journey. And in vain, because Australia is an amazing country, where you can find many interesting things and return home with unforgettable memories.

pexels-photo-68704-large Australia is probably the most contradictory place on earth. Highly megacities are located close to the quiet woods which seems like there was not any person yet. And ocean coastline is unmatched in the whole world. But not many things of these will have a high value for you if you will not visit Sydney. It is often called the capital of Australia, without paying enough attention to Canberra, the real capital. Many people believe that Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world. It successfully combines the beauty of rainforest and signs of metropolis. Therefore, we have prepared some interesting facts about this amazing city.

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5 advices for students that begin independent living.

A lot of students want to live away from home and to continue their education despite the fact that their independence will cost 50% more expensive than living with their parents. At the same time eight out of ten students who live far from home are confident in their ability to manage their finances. Many students faced with hard financial issue as much of them cannot rationally control their spending. But to tell the truth this is not very big problem even for a young student if he/she knows how to do this properly. Also many important things depend on a student bank account.

1. Advantageous conditions of using credit card.

Students are one of the most active parts of population. But as well unfortunately they very often are insolvent. Students have fun, buy fashion cloth and gadgets, that’s why financial issue is so hard for them. Many students work during their studying, someone is helped by parents, but actually very often students have not got enough money now and then. And in such a case credit card really can help them to cope with this. There are a lot of different banks and list them all with description of their stipulations is impossible. Well, if you are a student you should choose a credit card with good conditions, for example, those one that has a long grace period and low interest rates for credit use.


2. Try not to use credit money.

Actually experience shows that students cannot control spending their costs. So anyway try to limit using of credit costs otherwise you could be trapped. Pay bills on time. If you delay payment of bills, you could find yourself with no money for it.

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