How you can sell your textbooks

So you successfully finished your school year, passed all exams, celebrated the end. If you live in a dormitory, you happily gather all your things and go home. There were collected a lot of these things during the whole school year. And the worst of them all is a mountain of used textbooks. You will never need them, but still you do not want to throw the book, because you pay for them not a chicken feed. They will gather dust on your bookshelf and you will never find a good use of them, only if you for some unknown reason will not have got something to set the fire…


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Some curious information about Sydney

Australia is a very distant country, so tourists rarely choose it as a goal of their journey. And in vain, because Australia is an amazing country, where you can find many interesting things and return home with unforgettable memories.

pexels-photo-68704-large Australia is probably the most contradictory place on earth. Highly megacities are located close to the quiet woods which seems like there was not any person yet. And ocean coastline is unmatched in the whole world. But not many things of these will have a high value for you if you will not visit Sydney. It is often called the capital of Australia, without paying enough attention to Canberra, the real capital. Many people believe that Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world. It successfully combines the beauty of rainforest and signs of metropolis. Therefore, we have prepared some interesting facts about this amazing city.

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5 advices for students that begin independent living.

A lot of students want to live away from home and to continue their education despite the fact that their independence will cost 50% more expensive than living with their parents. At the same time eight out of ten students who live far from home are confident in their ability to manage their finances. Many students faced with hard financial issue as much of them cannot rationally control their spending. But to tell the truth this is not very big problem even for a young student if he/she knows how to do this properly. Also many important things depend on a student bank account.

1. Advantageous conditions of using credit card.

Students are one of the most active parts of population. But as well unfortunately they very often are insolvent. Students have fun, buy fashion cloth and gadgets, that’s why financial issue is so hard for them. Many students work during their studying, someone is helped by parents, but actually very often students have not got enough money now and then. And in such a case credit card really can help them to cope with this. There are a lot of different banks and list them all with description of their stipulations is impossible. Well, if you are a student you should choose a credit card with good conditions, for example, those one that has a long grace period and low interest rates for credit use.


2. Try not to use credit money.

Actually experience shows that students cannot control spending their costs. So anyway try to limit using of credit costs otherwise you could be trapped. Pay bills on time. If you delay payment of bills, you could find yourself with no money for it.

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