How to write an effective standard operating procedures manual

The employee manual is a wonderful opportunity for management to clearly communicate with new staff members the procedures of the company. Because an office policies and procedures manual is so valuable, it is important to take sufficient time to compose a good one.


A poorly constructed manual can confuse staff regarding responsibilities and even open the company to legal liabilities.

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The Most Prominent Women in the History of Philosophy

Yajnavalkya is a woman, who lived in ancient India and her name was mentioned in the book of Upanishads as she was a woman concerned with metaphysical problems. In one of the chapter of this book, she meets a man, who starts a philosophical debate with her. Her bright mind strikes him, as she demonstrates a deep insight into existential and ontological questions. Here are some writing tips for students to know more about role of women in philosophy.


Yajnavalkya is one of those unknown figures, who eventually took part in the history of philosophy, still we don’t know too much about her. Nevertheless, modern philosophers agree that women-thinkers made serious contributions in both Southern and Western doctrines. At the same time, those who lived outside Europe are mostly unrecognized.

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American racism as a precursor of Nazism

Nazism as a totalitarian mass movement led by Adolf Hitler was a horrific depiction of Germany’s plunge from the heights of civilization to the lows of barbarism. The Holocaust happened to be one of the greatest crimes in history, one that leaves people in everlasting shock from the extreme cruelty. The Nazi drive to strengthen the German “master race” for generations to come took on several forms, including the military conquest of new territories and extermination of many millions of people in genocide. Here is a short essay on history of american racism.


The immoral ideology became universally disgraced after Germany’s defeat in World War II when the full extent of the Holocaust atrocities was discovered.

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How to set goals and achieve them!

Setting goals may be harder than it seems: you write tips down, you believe in it but in the end, you cannot understand why you failed to complete it. Can you imagine, how many people every year swear that they will give up smoking, lose weight, travel more and find a new job? Lots of them cannot even make halfway through to their goals, giving up at the very beginning. “It’s important to set your own goals and work hard to achieve them.” — Yuichiro Miura

essay on how to set achievable goals and get your head together after holidays

We are sure that you are guilty too: however, this is not because you are hopeless. It just means you are setting goals the wrong way.

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How to write the most awesome fight scenes

It is strongly believed that fight scenes are dangerous territory but not for experienced writers. But how can you know whether you are bad or good at it if you haven`t even given it a try? It is not an easy task to write a well-paced and exciting fight scene but you are a lucky person because we won`t let you screw it up.

writing the most awesome fight scenes in essay

Here are some tips that will help you keep your readers glued to all the action scenes that your book contains.

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Learn how to explain your teaching philosophy in a statement

Teaching statement is considered to be a standard requirement for an application package in academia. It is a statement of reflection and a philosophical framework of your personal approach to teaching and student learning. Creating an essay philosophy of teaching statement is ultimately both personally and professionally rewarding but, of course, it isn`t meant to be easy.


A well-written teaching philosophy statement should examine your teaching values, show your pedagogical thinking, and monitor your professional development. Here are some useful tips for those who want to write a successful and compelling statement:

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How to start writing your own auto-fiction book

Each of us at least once in our life has dreamed of becoming a writer bringing your own valuable contribution to the world’s heritage. People think (or like to think) that they can easily come up with a great book that will change lives, but in fact, instead of taking a pen and describing it on paper, this book always remains somewhere deep in our hearts.


Why does it happen? Maybe you don’t believe in yourself enough or your experience doesn’t look that good to share with others. Anyway, if you are tired of trying, how about entering an auto-fiction genre: not that new, but still worthy to start with.

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Can a university name boost your future career?

Have you ever wondered whether your potential employer cares about what university you got your degree at? Recent surveys prove that they really pay attention to your university name and here is why.


Because of the fact that most graduate jobseekers lack in working experience and even proper knowledge, recruiters have to spend a lot of money on their training. Because of this reason employers try to establish partnerships with the leading universities to be sure that they hire well-qualified young people.

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True or false: digesting a book in 15 mins

People always don’t have time for reading and this is normal: in our modern lives there is no time even for family and friends, not talking about our hobbies and pleasures. But when you hear that someone has already read over 50K books spending just 15-20 minutes on each of them, it seems impossible: however, it is true. Such people are not speedy readers and they do not have any superpower: they just have a quick digest and here is our essay on it.


Do you remember the moment in the famous movie when Keanu Reeves is sitting on the chair ready for the cable to be plugged into his head and uploading info directly to his brain?

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