Winter Foods that Will Bring You Good Luck

Spring preparation is one of the most important deals at the beginning of a year. Magic is in the air and almost all people become superstitious. There are lots of beliefs all over the world, for example, in Japan people clean their homes to let the spirit of a new year visit their house. In Scotland people wish a tall, handsome, dark man to be the first to enter their house after the midnight. But most of the beliefs are connected with foods which are believed to bring wealth, health, happiness and prosperity. Check the most famous dishes that are to bring you luck for the coming year expecting spring with our essay writing service!


Portuguese and the Spanish eat twelve grapes when the clock chimes for twelve times, these grapes symbolize 12 months of coming year. Still it`s not so easy to eat grapes quickly as you might think.


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Top 10 films that are worth watching in 2017

If you are a film lover and cannot wait until a good story will be released, then check out list of top films from our paper writer that you must watch this year:


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The Best Choice Animal photos by National Geographic

When you discover interesting and wonderful photographs of animals, you may wonder how much effort has the photographer put or how lucky he or she was to create such works of art. Certainly, wildlife photographers practice their skills for years and become very patient and responsible in order to take the best images of animals. This process includes lots of nuances, for example, the weather conditions, the light, the background issues, the always moving subjects in the frame and others. You also can ask us to write a essay for you and to choose similar to this topic.


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Guardian University Guide 2017

The Guardian University Guide will serve as your valuable guide for finding only top-rated and prestigious university as well as the right and appealing academic courses. This guide implies a universities ranking list, consisting of an overall table and 54 tables for different subject areas. The Guardian University Guide is easy and convenient to use, different from the other online guides you might have seen. Our custom writing company glad to present you important information for students below …

Guardian Guide for Students Image

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Outstanding people who gone in 2016. Singers, actors and others

Life brings job, unforgettable memories, and meetings with wonderful people. However, life ends and we cannot avoid it. Last year was quite a sad year because a lot of world famous people died.  Our essay writing service would like you to take a look at the famous names that the World will never forget…

George Michael

He was a pop icon, a very handsome man and, of course, a great singer with a sensitive voice. George was Greek, however, he was born in north London. First, he was performing in the duet Wham! and soon became incredibly popular all over the world. In 1986, Michael decided to start his own career and successfully became a solo singer. His albums such as Faith, Listen without Prejudice Vol 1 and Older, hit duets with Elton John and Aretha Franklin are still alive. Unfortunately, on the Christmas day, 25th December, Michael was found dead in his house at the age of 53.



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Top 10 Healthiest Cuisines in the World

Personal trainer of celebrities Harley Pasternak, in his healthy eating endeavors, has researched different national cuisines to identify which of them offered the best chances to stay fit and slim. Here is what he came up with and our paper writer want to share this information with you.

Number one: Japan

Although Japanese cuisine is associated only with rice and fish, our Asian friends also eat plenty of vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. They get proteins mainly from fish and soy products, therefore, their food is almost cholesterol-free. Moreover, they favor the habit of eating just enough to stay a little bit hungry after a meal. If you want to take it up as well, do not overeat and wait for 15 minutes after you finished. The brain will realize that you are fed and won’t require any more food.

Number two: Singapore

Although this country is a kingdom of rice, they achieved utmost variety in the ways to cook it. Rice is usually accompanied by fish and vegetables and rarely with meat. It helps to obtain large amounts of cholesterol-free fats, proteins and vitamins. Moreover, they prefer fruit to any kinds of sweets.


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The most eminent lecturers of  Stephen Hawking

The life of Stephen William Hawking is a story not only about his hard work on the way to becoming a world-known scientist, but also about his daily struggle for existence. The future genius was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England. It was at the height of World War II, and the Hawkings moved to St. Albans, where the environment wasn’t so dangerous. Stephen went to University College, Oxford, where his father studied.

He succeeded in Physics and got a first class honours degree in Natural Science. Later he decided to do research in Cosmology at Cambridge. From that time Hawking has played an important role in the life of Cambridge scientific community.


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 Hawking’s opinion about the most dangerous time  for the Earth

For modern audience Professor Hawking is known as a theoretical physicist who greatly influenced the development of world science despite his complicated and challenging life path. You should agree that such reputation lets him be called not only a scientist, who researches the general laws of the Universe, but a person interested in social processes at a global level.

Not so long ago Stephen Hawking expressed an opinion at The Guardian that our time is the most dangerous for the planet. You may think that he talks about environmental challenges, he mentioned them, but first of all he means inequality among people on the Earth.


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Top 10 US universities for getting distance education

Getting education in our days differs from the way it was accessible 30, 50 or 100 years ago. First of all, it is caused by the rapid development of technologies and the social changes.

Unlike our grandparents, who had to choose full-time education and attend face-to-face classes, modern generation has a chance to study at the most prestigious universities sitting on the coach. It is real thanks to online learning programs offered by various colleges. So let’s look at the list of 10 universities in the USA which are experienced in providing distance education.


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Charles Darwin – Facts About Genius

Have you ever heard about the evolution theory or the principles of natural selection? Do you know such a person as Charles Darwin? I bet all of you know this world -famous scientist… And the evolution theory is also well-known to you.

Charles Darwin often stands out even after his death. It is often thought Charles Darwin to be a true genius. I agree with this point of view as well. He managed to change people`s way of thinking, meaning their entity. Simply by own teaching, new ideas and thoughts, Darwin has made people think different and see themselves in another way.


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