Student’s Guide. How to become a more organized student

If you’re reading this article, it is likely that you struggle with students’ time management and personal organization while being in high-school.

First of all, don’t panic since you are not alone and many students worldwide face such issues all the time.


Second, it’s great that you’ve managed to pinpoint that you have a problem since many people might prefer to stay oblivious and deny that they have any issues whatsoever.

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Was the U.S. education system actually fixed?

In the past, poor children and children of color were not admitted by the American schools. Fortunately, some political leaders did their best to combat this serious issue. They decided that it would be a great idea to measure progress in order to achieve better results in the educational sphere. An actual essay on the education system in America. will give you more information on the process and different aspects.


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Get to know the most interesting facts about Hadi Partovi

Everybody who is keen on computer science must definitely know this famous name. Hadi Partovi has launched the education nonprofit that aims at expanding access to computer science at schools. Here, in our blog, we want you to know about some facts from an essay on life Hadi Partovi, the founder 20corneroffice-promo-facebookJumbo

Learn more about the Iranian immigrant who did his best to achieve enormous success in the technology industry.

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The modern university facilitates academic’s depression

The fast pace of university life coupled with a long list of seemingly meaningless procedures may often precipitate an outbreak or exacerbation of a depressed scholar’s neurosis. Here you can find our research and essay on depression.


How to cope with dispiriting feelings and how to stay afloat being an academic at the modern university with a bottomless pit of demands?

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Make an impression on your colleagues with a perfectly written essay with a memo

Writing memos is an effective way of intra-office communication. Memos may be composed to remind, advise or instruct one individual or a number of people within the organization. Everything you need to do is to build a reputation for crafting memos that people believe they have to read.


Memos are really useful if they are addressed to a targeted audience and have a clear purpose.  Here is how to design memos your employees want to read.

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How to write an effective standard operating procedures manual

The employee manual is a wonderful opportunity for management to clearly communicate with new staff members the procedures of the company. Because an office policies and procedures manual is so valuable, it is important to take sufficient time to compose a good one.


A poorly constructed manual can confuse staff regarding responsibilities and even open the company to legal liabilities.

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The Most Prominent Women in the History of Philosophy

Yajnavalkya is a woman, who lived in ancient India and her name was mentioned in the book of Upanishads as she was a woman concerned with metaphysical problems. In one of the chapter of this book, she meets a man, who starts a philosophical debate with her. Her bright mind strikes him, as she demonstrates a deep insight into existential and ontological questions. Here are some writing tips for students to know more about role of women in philosophy.


Yajnavalkya is one of those unknown figures, who eventually took part in the history of philosophy, still we don’t know too much about her. Nevertheless, modern philosophers agree that women-thinkers made serious contributions in both Southern and Western doctrines. At the same time, those who lived outside Europe are mostly unrecognized.

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American racism as a precursor of Nazism

Nazism as a totalitarian mass movement led by Adolf Hitler was a horrific depiction of Germany’s plunge from the heights of civilization to the lows of barbarism. The Holocaust happened to be one of the greatest crimes in history, one that leaves people in everlasting shock from the extreme cruelty. The Nazi drive to strengthen the German “master race” for generations to come took on several forms, including the military conquest of new territories and extermination of many millions of people in genocide. Here is a short essay on history of american racism.


The immoral ideology became universally disgraced after Germany’s defeat in World War II when the full extent of the Holocaust atrocities was discovered.

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