Tips on Writing an Effective Abstract

Writing an abstract is essential as it provides a first impression of the piece of writing that follows, helps the reader decide whether he or she wants to continue reading, and tells what they can expect to get to know from the document. Though you can find many abstracts that only list the document’s content, the effective abstracts should tell the reader much more.

Useful Writing Pieces of Advice on How to Write an AbstractArtcileDarwin Post

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Writing an Awesome 800-Word Essay

Good writing shouldn`t be hard or require any special skills. Right, some people are naturally good at writing but the majority can only learn this highly valuable ability. In fact, you can master writing at any age as long as you have time and desire to learn.

How to Write a 800-Word Blog Post within 2 HoursDarwinEssayNetPost

In our experience, it`s much easier to become a good essay writer when you are an adult because your brain has already accumulated lots of information to be used and your vocabulary is larger compared to childhood.

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How to Write an Admission Letter

Many people recall the period of entering a university or vocational school as one of the exciting stages. Future students are overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility and anxiety for their future. Writing an admission letter of enrollment is one of the steps to future education. It’s important to keep the excitement from confusing you.

Fruitful Tips on Writing Effective Admission Letter

Now you need to remember your strengths and be confident in yourself more than ever.

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Essay Sample on Technology In Health Care

Lobbying can be defined as the process of communicating one’s views on various issues to the elected officials in an effective and timely manner with the aim of getting those elected officials to support them (The Lobbying Process, n.d.). Lobbying can be conducted to persuade the elected officials to make changes in proposed bills, pass legislation, undo legislation, and avail funds for various projects or issues.

Essay Sample on Technology In Health CareDarwinEssayNet


Lobbying is important because it develops relationships between the public and the elected officials, educates them on issues affecting their communities, and establishes the platform for the advocacy campaign (The Lobbying Process, n.d.).

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How  to Use an Active and Passive Voice in Scientific Paper?

The use and relevance of active and passive voice in scientific literature is being reviewed recently. Previously, the passive voice did not give in to doubt – it was the language of science and research. But with the development of media, the Internet, the availability of information, interest in scientific works began to increase.

How to write with Active and Passive Voice in Scientific Essay

Now you can find out about the latest research in the field of neurosurgery simply by opening Google. The development of the popular science genre also contributes to this. Here in our post we will revise using of active an passive voice in your written essay.

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The Link between Math Science and Writing

In the world of math science and high school subjects, attention can be easily distracted. We are here to remind you of the values that have been perpetrated by the teachers around the world in our post done by Darwin essay writers.

Essay on Statistics and Calculus Math and Reading in Everyday Life

They link math with other disciplines and stress its importance among the subjects, known to be based on statistics.

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“Tell Me About Yourself” writing. Why All of Us Stumble Over This Question

We all know that preparing for a job interview (or any other admission interview) is quite a stress. Our brain is in a panic because of all those questions that we may be asked by the HR manager, and we are uselessly trying to keep ourselves calm and concentrated.

How to Present Yourself in a Best Way at the Interview

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