How to Memorize an Essay

Memorizing an essay is a regular task in a class. Thought, for some students who do not practice memorizing a lot it can become a challenge. Memorizing the text is also a very important part of the preparation for a speech or presentation. That is why, it is important to master the skills and improve the memory because it can come in hand for you at any time: in college or at work. Plus, you may make a nice impression on people if you cite a couple of sentences or a small paragraph to the point.


The more you memorize, the easier it becomes to learn other texts. So, if you feel like you need to improve your skills in memorizing – this article will help out!

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The Ageless Beauty of the Library

According to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions there are 569.6 thousands libraries all over the world. The number is stunning! Just think about this: it’s the twenty first century now, the era of IT technologies and outstanding gadgets, and with all the E-books there are still so many libraries and people willing to come there  for a reason of writng an essay. The simple explanation is obvious – some books you just cannot find in the Internet. There are rare and old books that cannot be reprinted or retyped in PDF or for an E-book.   The greatest works of old musters are being maintained in the libraries for those who are eager to study not only the subject but the history of the book itself. Moreover, the value of the library hides not between the pages of the books that it is guarding but in the bricks of the building. Some of the libraries are the part of the gorgeous heritage of architecture around the whole world.

jason-wong-352463 We offer you a list of only a small part of the greatest college libraries that host the biggest collections of written works of art and manuscripts of science around the world.

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New Global and Media Changes for Humanity

“North Korea threatening with a military attack on Guam”, “ Zika virus spreading across the globe”, “Syria:126 killed as bomb hits buses with evacuees” – these and much more shocking and horrendous news happened across the globe recently. It is absolutely clear that the world is rapidly changing but most of the population doesn’t realize where it is all going. Frightening headlines and fearful news reports infuse the feeling of the world demoralization, increase in poverty and crises across the globe, permanent and insoluble military conflicts.


It is not to blame the media only but the government and education institutions for not giving a proper understanding of the other side of global changing to the public. The brighter side the humanity has reached during the past years.

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Choose the right rig for your gaming experience

A lot of people will argue that you need a PC to truly play games. However, there are plenty of high-quality portable gaming rigs that can impress you with their power and capacities. Your choice will depend on your lifestyle, your budget, and the games you are going to play. These guidelines will definitely help you purchase your next on-the-go game machine.


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Future Jobs Requiring Emotional Labour

The scientific and technological progress, it can be considered, started quite recently and we managed to cover only a small part of it for today. So much to explore ahead – new experiments, new questions and answers, new experiences and new lives. We are teaching the next generation to develop vital skills from childhood so that in the future our children will easily adapt to the environment and achieve success.


We educate our children as future professionals who would work in different fields, where they would mix computer knowledge along with analytical, critical and soft skills. It will enrich the number of entrepreneurial initiatives and productivity, and eventually increase the economy in all countries of the world.

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Maya Angelou’s words have been truthful for as long as humanity exists

“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present” – Maya Angelou’s words have been truthful for as long as humanity exists. Fortunately, in the twenty first century there are so many possibilities to change this. There has to be no place for prejudice in the new better world that we are building. Read new research of our essay writers.


In order to uproot the ignorance and intolerance, we should bring related problems into the light. There are so many stories that have to be heard and thought through.

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8 Things Successful People Have in Common

Lots of people wonder how well-known people have achieved success in their lives. Some might think that famous people were initially very successful and lucky, so they easily fulfilled any tasks, set and achieved their goals in childhood, and then in their youth, and each time overcame any obstacles on their way. From this, people sometimes make a conclusion that in order to become famous, successful or very intelligent, you must be born this way or be brought up in the right family.


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Royal Poinciana Hotel History. Interesting Tourism for Students

Despite the fact that the story of Royal Poinciana Hotel ended many years ago, people of different age and from various places save it in their minds and hearts. The Royal Poinciana is not just a hotel – it is something remarkable and brilliant. Henry Flagler is a person who gave a start to everything and payed great attention, money and time in order to create this pearl. Our essay writers prepared for you an essay about this marvelous place.


A lot of the richest and fussiest travelers found refuge and had a rest there. The Royal Poinciana opened its doors for the first time on the 11th of February, 1894. That day marked a new page of the history of Florida.

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Dota 2017. Tournament Overview

The International is a very special event not only for players of Dota 2, but also for all gamers around the world. This annual tournament organized by Valve traditionally takes place in Seattle, USA, and this year venue where the best international teams were united is the KeyArena. The scale of the International 2017 impresses everyone who follows the news and tries to be aware of everything that happens at the tournament. We all know eSport lead a trend for educational topics, programs and design and then some, our essay writers like gaming too, so lets read how did things stand on T17.gmgzFjx

There are some points that make T17 so special and attract attention – the Dota 2 Patch 7.0 and the prize pool. Considering the T17 Prize Pool, it is constantly increasing and this year is $24 787 916; compare it to the first one ($1 600 000) and agree that the difference is huge.

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What School Programs Are Being Cut Off the Federal Support?

President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are planning to cut the federal education budget for $ 10.6 billion. The reduction of budget will occur to more than 22 school and college programs. According to the budget documents it will include the cut of $2.1 billion in financing teacher training and $27 million for arts education. The rest of the cuts include child care for low-income parents in college; two programs designed for Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students, a couple of exchange international education programs  and foreign language programs, programs for gifted students; and programs  for Special Olympics education.



Moreover, there is no money assign to various grants, supporting student funds. This was the only source of money for schools to pay for the range of advanced classes, anti-bullying sessions and mental-health services. It is not all for schools: a cut off for after-school programs at the rate of $1.2 billion is also on the budget document. These after-school activities mostly served poor children.

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