Scholarships for Certified College Cheerleading Squads

Extra-curricular activities in high school are useful for self-development. Students are members of sports teams, clubs, squads of cheerleaders and learn how to behave in a team, socialize and acquire useful skills. However, with all benefits from such activities, people lose a lot of time, especially those, who want to stand out from the crowd.

The scholarship is a good motivation for students to spend their time on various things, as they know that good grades, sports achievements, and volunteering work will be rewarded. Cheerleading is considered to be a kind of sport, even though it is a sphere of athletics. Thus, cheerleaders get financial aid and grants together with other sportsmen. For beloved Darwin students we want to address a topic of students who took part in cheerleading squads, you are welcome to read it now on Darwin.


College recruits give most talented cheerleaders opportunity to study for free at best educational institutions to lure them to select their educational institution. However, the academic is also crucial. You can be great at cheerleading, but without good grades, you will not have access to university funding.

College Scholarships and Grants for Cheerleaders

Indiana Wesleyan University

This place gives financial motivation to members of Red Cheer Team. Each successful candidate may receive up to $1,000. The sum of money, that could be granted to each applicant depends on the performance during the tryout and need of the candidate in financial aid from the university, confirmed by certificates. Each year 15 members of cheerleading squad get scholarships

University of Delaware

There is Fightin’ Blue Hens Cheerleading Squad in this university, and the admission committee of this educational institution attracts talented cheerleaders with a few generous scholarships. The maximum amount of money, which candidates can get equals $7,500, given to the citizen of the state. What is more, prestigious cheerleading competitions, Hens participate in charity and volunteering programs.


Fort Hays State University

Scholarships of the Fort Hay State University are given in the form of reduced fees on dorm expansions. Each winner gets a scholarship of about $1,000, as well as maintenance of the program, which covers expenses on trips, uniforms, workouts, camps etc.

University of Hawaii

Cheerleaders of this University are welcomed to apply for a financial aid enjoy not only amazing beaches but also reduced tuition fees. This educational institution offers 12 different grants for cheerleaders annually. Administration chooses winners for two main criteria: athletic skills and academic performance. They better you are at studying and cheerleading, the higher is your chance to enter this university and compete for the first place in national competitions.

Northwest Mississippi Community College

Scholarships of this college are given to best students with perfect academic performance and high achievements in the field of athletic. This popular institution strives to provide grants for education of talented students and athletes. Cheerleading team consists only of women, who feature both home and away matches. However, cheerleaders of this educational institution do not participate in national competitions.


Angelo State University

This place bestows scholarships in order to cover tuition fees of talented athletes – members of high school cheerleading squads. Each winner of the award gets minimum $500 and financial support for traveling, meals and accommodation whenever the squad is away from home.

Kansas State University

Kansas State University grants skillful athletes that have good grades with $600 annually. Apart from that, every scholarship winner gets additional perks and benefits during the term. Candidates with grade points over 3.0 have an opportunity to compete for additional $100 each term.