Top Veterinary Schools in 2016

Veterinary education is very important and needed in nowadays as almost everyone has a pet sometimes it needs help and you can provide professional treatment and help after studying at Universities that have high quality of education. Here are universities from different countries that offers you this education. They are waiting for you.

New Zealand and Australia

Let’s go to a wonderful continent with its wonderful culture and nature, to Australia. It is modern and advanced country that is open for all international students and here you can get valuable knowledge in veterinary disciplines. There are four Universities that are in the world’s ranking according to which they show their teaching level of these disciplines. On the 37th place is University of Murdoch with its good practical classes. The next is on 29th place and this is Queensland University that has a lot of professors that can teach you all that you need. On the 18th place Melbourne University that possess a great base of different sources. And the holder of 9th place is Sydney University, the best in Australia where you have an opportunity to spent wonderful education time.

a97c4a1614b53d6f55ae2464b06ba6aa-largeNext our destination is New Zealand. Very lovely and picturesque country where you will exactly find yourself satisfied with education, living etc. It has only one veterinary school but the quality of knowledge that you will gain there, incomparable. University of Massey takes 25th place in top list and it has a lot of opportunities for living there for international students.


Next we pay our visit to Europe and there you have to choose between 9 great veterinary schools to study this discipline.

We will start from Switzerland and it also has only one but prominent Zurich University which takes also 25th place that shows its quality education that you may have there.

The next country has two of them and that is Netherlands where are pleasant people and lovely nature. It has University of Utrecht on the 7th place and University of Wageningen on the 19th place. Their peculiarity that they have practical assignments that will help you to cope with different issues.


Moving on we are going to Belgium. There you may find just amazing Ghent University on the 20th place. It has a lot of necessary materials to make you education better.

In Spain Autonoma Universitat de Barcelona takes 21st place. It is warm country with lovely and worm people that welcome every international student.

And our next stop is in United Kingdom. One of the most advanced countries in veterinary science that will help you to become real master in you education. There are two universities that share 11th place Bristol University and Edinburgh University.

Latin America

Our next part of the world that we recommend you is Latin America which washed by Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There are two universities that may provide sufficient knowledge for you. They are on 38th Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” and on 46th place Universidade de São Paulo.

Canada and United States

Our last destinations are United States of America and Canada. There are a lot of advanced universities with modern educational system and the most prominent in Canada is Université de Montréal on 8th place and Colorado State University in USA that is in top 20 best universities in veterinary science.

In general that is all information concerning veterinary science in numerous universities in different parts of the world. They are ready for everyone who wants to save pets lives. In our blog we try to push every burning issue for each student of Drawin service in 2016.