Party Hard Colleges and Universities in the US

The most important reason why students go to college is to get an education. So that is important to choose the one with qualified tutors, effective classes, and interesting curriculum. However, studying is not the only thing to do in college. Students enjoy going out, having fun and partying n the weekends. You can havemore free time with students’ Darwin website.


Thus, we have prepared the list of best colleges in the United States for those who want both to study and party hard.

Wake Forest University

There are professors with an impressive academic credential in Wake, but they give a lot of assignments to do. Thus, come here to actually get a profound knowledge of the subject. However, enumerate task are only on workdays, while greek party atmosphere dominates on weekends. There are both on campus and house parties every Friday.

University of Florida

Students are challenged here with a big workload, but they have also enough time to party. Some of them even manage to party almost every day.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is extremely hard to study in this university, but your efforts are worth it. Students study all day long, but they have time to hang out with friends at night. There are a lot of bars and clubs to spend a pleasant evening. However, Friday and Saturday are the days of great parties. Just walk along the streets, and you will come across several parties for sure.

Vanderbilt University

Students of this educational institution make studying to be their priority, but they always have time to go out. Most of them visit some frats, dorm parties or McGills on the weekends.

Dartmouth College

It is a great college with best academics, self-motivated students and amazing opportunities for research. Party life is also decent in it. There are a lot of frats with various themes on weekends, so that everyone will find something suitable for him or her.

Lehigh University

Students of this university should be focused on studying in order to achieve success. However, they also like to go out at nights. There is always al least one party every day (either off campus or Greek one) and several good bars to hang out with friends.


University of Virginia

Excellent professors and workload that makes you busy. Students spend a lot of time in the library, but they feel like getting a decent education here. What is more, a lot of them manage to disappear from library early and go out with friends several times per week.

Yale University

Amazing place for those, who are willing not only to study but also to party hard. There are parties of a different type (from sitting on the sofa and simply talking to hardcore with a lot of dancing, loud music, and alcohol.

Washington University in St. Louse

Great teachers with an innovative approach to lessons and useful material are all about WashU. Moreover, there is always to do in the evenings – frat parties, bars, clubs college-like parties etc. Just choose what you love the most!

Rice University

The reasons why students choose Rice University are brilliant academics and great parties. Thus, you can learn a lot and relax with friends at parties with cool themes, much alcohol, and dancing all night.

College of William & Mary

Top professors, manageable workload and parties from Thursday to Sanday – that is how students of this college describe their student’s life.

Georgetown University

Classes are pretty difficult, but they make you see things from a new perspective. Considering parties, there are always enough options: house parties, rooftops, bars, and clubs are available at anytime you want.


The university of Texas at Austin

There is always something to do at this educational institution. You can choose either study hard or party hard. If you choose the latter, you will never get bored.

University of Southern California

Plenty of parties are on at this university. Students usually go out on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, when the largest number of parties are available. However, they do not forget about studying, as well, as workload is rather difficult.

New York University

It is quite hard to study in this place, but you will get a great education. Students usually relax at bars, clubs, and house parties.