Get to know the most interesting facts about Hadi Partovi

Everybody who is keen on computer science must definitely know this famous name. Hadi Partovi has launched the education nonprofit that aims at expanding access to computer science at schools. Here, in our blog, we want you to know about some facts from an essay on life Hadi Partovi, the founder 20corneroffice-promo-facebookJumbo

Learn more about the Iranian immigrant who did his best to achieve enormous success in the technology industry.

  • Hadi Partovi managed to survive the war and revolution when he was a child. All military action seemed like a routine matter.
  • Partovi`s family decided not to leave Iran during revolution like the rest of their relatives. The thing is that his father just had started the technology there and cared about the future of Iranian education too much.
  • When he was a child, he only had one thing that helped him to escape from all those horrible events – the programmable calculator. His father used to teach him how to use it.


  • Partovi`s father promised the minister of education that he would return to Iran after some time. In spite of his wife`s persuasion, he came back to his motherland just to prove that he is a man of his word. Hadi Partovi, his brother, and his mother spent several years in the USA without their dad.
  • Partovi`s parents truly believed that education played an important role in their children`s lives so they worked three jobs to give them the chance to study.
  • Partovi`s grandfather along with his brothers started one of the largest industrial companies in Iran.
  • Hadi Partovi worked on Internet Explorer when he started to work for Microsoft after his college graduation.
  • The most important thing that he realized while working for Microsoft was that even at a 20,000-person company, you could get a team of 50 or 100 people to work like their life depended on it.
  • The turning point when he decided to start was the day Steve Jobs died.


  • Partovi believes that computer science is foundational. That is why children should learn it.
  • His famous company doesn`t gain any influence over educational curriculum.
  • Partovi thinks that there should be legislation that mandates schools teach computer science because it is as important as other compulsory subjects.