Making Your Pets Popular on Instagram

Cats and bats, rats and other pets seem to bombard Instagram on a regular basis. What should we do then to promote our Instagram account and gain as many followers to share the pic of our beloved pets as possible? You can buy an essay to share your experience!


Learn more with our brief summary on the most crucial steps:

Make a separate account

You may be okay with the combined account and don’t feel the pressure to make a separate one for your pet, but that is not a solution in our case. If your followers complain about too many pics that aren’t related to you in their feed, it’s time to think of another account.

According to one of the Instagram users, as soon as she started posting the pics of her kitty separately, the number of her followers grew hilariously, and the pet’s account became the news of the day! Have a look on SmothieTheCat account.



Another blogger suggests that you update the account regularly – there are so many people out there who prefer to look at furry kittens and can’t stand their human owners. Oops – we think there’s some kind of discrimination going on here.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of the Instagram culture, because they help people find directions in the vast sea of photos, collages and what not.

You can use them freely, except that you have to look at the popular titles, too. Some of the famous include #pets, #cats, #catsofinstagram, and #weeklyfluff. These are related to animals, yet followers can track them daily and be able to keep up with the latest news on your blog.

Post quality pics

Remember there is no excuse to posting a bad picture on Instagram. With the filters that exist on the platform and the props, lighting effects and composition tips, you just can’t go wrong with the picture of your cat.

If you can afford a quality camera, go ahead with the purchase – you will be able to post high class photos without editing them for hours. However, there are users on Instagram, famous for their mobile phone collages, which are truly amazing. If professional equipment burns holes in your pockets and leaves you cash-strapped, you can use props for a better effect. Believe us, a quality photo of your pet is worth the effort!


Post regularly

The key to Instagram success is keeping your followers engaged in the process. Live stream regularly and take your furbaby on camera as frequently as you can. In case your fans need updates twice a day, be ready to face the challenge. The pressure is on to provide regular news for the users so they don’t feel left on their own. Try to capture your pets on camera when they are not looking – it can be fun as well!

Be friendly

Likes, comments and general friendliness will help you become popular on Instagram. According to one of the users who owns a cat account, there is no better community in the world than her personal Instagram group of supporters.

They encourage you to keep going and that is the best motivation for the one, who aims for success. You can be busy throughout the day, but it is important to talk to your followers whenever you have time, so they don’t feel closed off and not involved in the process. Be ready to respond to your community, because maintaining contact is another part of the Instagram culture. The key to gaining likes? Be as warm and open to discussion as you can, and don’t forget to capture your cats on camera when they most expect it!