Winter Foods that Will Bring You Good Luck

Spring preparation is one of the most important deals at the beginning of a year. Magic is in the air and almost all people become superstitious. There are lots of beliefs all over the world, for example, in Japan people clean their homes to let the spirit of a new year visit their house. In Scotland people wish a tall, handsome, dark man to be the first to enter their house after the midnight. But most of the beliefs are connected with foods which are believed to bring wealth, health, happiness and prosperity. Check the most famous dishes that are to bring you luck for the coming year expecting spring with our essay writing service!


Portuguese and the Spanish eat twelve grapes when the clock chimes for twelve times, these grapes symbolize 12 months of coming year. Still it`s not so easy to eat grapes quickly as you might think.


Ring-Shape Foods

Try to eat something ring-shape for the breakfast, it may be bagels or doughnuts. They symbolize the year to be full circle, in addition, they are yummy.


Prepare some pig for New Year Eve as it`s considered to be the luckiest food on the table. Pigs are plump, this means prosperity; they root with their noses and it represents moving forward, straight to your dreams and it symbolizes progress. You can eat pork in different variants, meat, sausage, ham, bacon…


If you think that smashing pomegranate is something weird, then you are totally wrong. There`s a tradition in Greece to smash pomegranate on the floor near the door, so the seeds symbolize prosperity and fortune. The more you smash, the more luck you will be.


Whole Roasted Fish

Roasted fish is a great idea as it`s full of symbolic features. Their scales are like coins, they travel in schools and it means prosperity, they always swim forward so this means progress. So why to lose the chance of being lucky? It`s a good way to combine delicious food and happiness.

Soba Noodles

Eat noodles without breaking them. In Japan, they symbolize long life and luck but wait! You need to slurp them without chewing and breaking. So prepare yourself for this New Year ceremony!


Try to eat as many greens as possible, it can be anything – from cabbage to kale, these symbolize paper money. So don`t miss the chance to have more money in the coming year.

Black-Eyed Peas

Black peas prepared with rice are popular in the east of America. This dish is not only delicious but it also influences your budget as black-eyed peas are resembled to coins. Take care of your prosperity this way!


Cooking some lentils for New Year eve is lucky in Brazil and Italy, as these pieces symbolize money, they resemble coins. They have been eaten since the Roman times.


There`s a tradition to bake a lemon cake with a coin inside. One who finds a coin will have money for the whole year, or a broken tooth, who knows. This is the Greek tradition which is connected with wealth.



Cornbread cooked and eaten during the New Year celebration is considered to bring fortune. The color of baked bread is golden so it symbolizes money success.

Pickled Herring

People in Europe like to eat pickled herring. But it also symbolizes bountiful year if you have eaten this dish when the clock strikes 12. Herring has the silver color so it`s also a symbol of good fortune.

It`s your right whether to believe in these superstitions or not, but as the New Year Eve is full of magic, you`d better try your best!