Top 10 films that are worth watching in 2017

If you are a film lover and cannot wait until a good story will be released, then check out list of top films from our paper writer that you must watch this year:


1.Personal shopper

With a talented actress Kristen Stewart, the story of a girl who is trying to communicate with her dead twin brother becomes very curious to watch. This film will amaze you by the actress’ play and supernatural aspects. You may find this film mysterious but you will enjoy it and think about it for a long time.

2.I Am Not Your Negro

This is a fascinating documentary about the assassinations of black leaders in the 1960s. The story underlines the position of the world where the basic humanity of people of colour is under attack. A wonderful play of actors and significant problems of the society will not leave you apathetic.

3.The Beguiled

All of Sofia Coppola’s films were intriguing and this one that is worth to watch in 2017 is not an exception. The film tells the story about a Civil War and a wounded soldier, who is searching for a shelter. He finds it in a girls’ school. There he meets a lonely woman and becomes seduced. You will probably like to watch this film immediately after finding out that the main actor is Collin Farrell.

4.Baby Driver

A young getaway driver becomes involved in a heist after working as a crime boss. He meets a wonderful girl and falls in love with her. However, the heist is going to fail and his life can be threatened. What is he going to do for love and freedom? This British-American comedy will make you chill and laugh.



This amazing social satire tells about a married couple that realizes that they would have a better life if they were to shrink themselves. Unfortunately for a husband, his wife is out of the plan the last minute. If you like fictions, this film is for you. It has drama and comedy and a really interesting story line.


This epic war thriller reveals the story of soldiers from Canada, France, Belgium and Britain, who are surrounded by the German Army during the Second World War. The story will tell you about their life and a great escape. If you are into history, this film is 100% worth watching.

7. Get Out

If you enjoy watching horrors, then Get Out should be next in your list. This horror thriller tells about a black man, who discovers that his white girlfriend’s parents are involved in a sinister conspiracy. They want to keep their wealthy suburb racially monochrome. However, the story gets nuts and even funny by the end.

8.The Snowman

A curious story line tells about a detective, who investigates the disappearance of a woman. The only key is her pink scarf that was wrapped around a showman. However, the snowman looks ominous, which helps detective with the search. With a Hollywood-sized budget, this film becomes extremely interesting to watch and discover a hidden story with detectives.


9.Thor: Ragnarok

This is the American superhero film with the Marvel Comics character Thor. This is the third Thor film and it promises to be remarkable. After the first film, Age of Ultron, Thor is imprisoned and has to survive in the fight with the Hulk. He must win the duel because he need to return to Asgard to stop the villainous Hela and the threatening Ragnarök.

10.Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII)

If you are a fan of this epic space opera film, then a new episode that is due to come this year will impress you. Continue to travel with Rey in the next chapter of the saga and discover new characters. The Star Wars: Episode VIII is expected to be shown on December 15, 2017.