Top female Dota players

Below is the list of the most promising Dota players, who happen to be beautiful women. They earned recognition among Dota fans across the world due to their determination and addictive passion for playing. We are not trying to compare the Dota players or rank them by their looks, but simply accentuate the importance of the female presence in computer gaming. Without further ado, let’s check out the top female players may be it will help someone to write a custom essay:


Sheever. Though this is not her real name, just a gaming nick, Sheever is known to have vast experience in computer games. She claims Dota to be love of her life, and it is easy to believe her, since we’ve seen Sheever do interviews, casting and act as an amazing host. Her favorite characters are Crystal Maiden and Venomancer. She admits that Warcraft had been her first gaming profile. She gradually shifted towards Dota when the initial version went out, and stays loyal ever since.

Helena. Helena is from Greece, and looking at this young beauty, you could have never guessed she is a dedicated Dota fan. She has her own channel, where she communicates with the audience about the hero pick. Sadly, folks often give her the most miserable tips possible, so Helena finds herself with the worst characters and even worse trolls. This doesn’t disappoint her, however, as this girl has much time ahead. She is still learning, and the live streaming is really hilarious, as you can see game players flirting with her online.


Reinessa. Reinessa is the American symbol of beauty and cosplaying. She can be found at Comic Con and other fan events, where she puts fantastic costumes on display, and is frequently spotted around other Dota cosplayers. Her favorite heroes are Lyna, Crystal Maiden, Templar Assassin and Mirana, and she loves to hang out with like-minded people, who share her passion for transforming and games. Reinessa is currently enrolled in a university and names Dota her lifelong passion and hobby.

ProveAttitude. This girl is experienced, when it comes to computer games. She was a fan ever since the first Dota came out, and she stays dedicated as the second edition appears on screens. She does an amazing casting for Dota players along with shooting one of the most entertaining videos about computer games. She has her own channel, where she does Dota matches and speaks with the fan base, but there can’t be many pictures of her found as she likes to stay anonymous.

Aleska. Aleska is young and bright, and she is a Dota player, too. She currently resides in Britain, though officially a French citizen, and she says she is a web journalist by profession. She also claims she developed her liking of the computer games during her work in France, and later transformed it into a hobby, which occupies a large chunk of her time. Right now, she is employed as an engineer in one of the English companies and likes to play Crystal Maiden and Meepo. When she is off work, she loves to be with friends and shoot videos for her channel.


Nikki Chen. Being known publicly as Monica, Nikki Chen came out as one of the Dota players, who took efforts to learn the ins and outs of computer gaming. This talented girl has recently applied to one of Singapore’s universities, and is successfully combining her dissertations with online streaming. She has a solid fan base across the country, and many of her followers know she’s got 4,500 matches on her personal account. That’s an impressive number for someone so young, and Monica keeps maintaining the level as she plays on SEA server.