Books which will help you to change into better

The moment when you take a new book in your hands is really special, as you stay in front of new ideas and adventures, in front of something unknown and mysterious… Will this book bring you pleasure and satisfaction? This all depends on the book you have chosen. We offer your attention some of the greatest books which will definitely influence your life, change your general idea of the world around. Our service always trying to inspire students with our thoughts on essay writing or creative suggestions of our writers, in this Darwin post you can read about resources that can guideyou to improve your ideas.


Getting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application by 37 signals

Nick Francis, CEO

This book is my favorite one, it helped me a lot to make a clear image of successful software company. The following three chapters contain really useful information:

Embrace Constraints: “Take advantage of the limitations, use them to force all your strengths and attention on dealing with one thing till it`s perfect.”

Make Opinionated Software: “Every good software needs vision and approach. When someone uses the software, they don`t look for features but for an approach, so take this into account. Develop your own vision.”

Half, Not Half-Assed: “Choose only the most important, think well of features and then cut down which may be omitted and then you can do that again. In such a way you will get only the most essential for your software.”

You can get aware of all this information within 90 minutes and the book is available online. So what are you waiting for?

Algorithms by Robert Sedgwick

Beenish Khan, Engineering

When I joined the engineering program I wasn`t sure what I was going to study. Yes, this happens. This was the course book in my second semester at the university. It told me much what I had signed for and what I had to expect. It also helped me get aware of the basis of engineering: searching, sorting and other algorithms. Frankly speaking, this book pushed me to fall in love with this field of studying.

Even today I enjoy to take this book and read again about knapsack algorithm, the brute force, the bubble sort. And every time this supports my true love to this science.


168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam

Mel Larsen, People Ops

This book helped to think over my career development better. It helps to become confident about yourself. Vanderkam, the author of the book, recommends to check when you felt most successful and productive and think what influenced this, what events took place at that time etc. I followed this advice and made a list of such things and while comparing the times, I found out 2 main themes: organizing of information in the way which is more understandable for people and helping teaching others.

This book helps to think well of what stages you can follow to get success in the job you like most. So it`s useful for every person who struggles to reach success in the career development.

Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur by Derek Sivers

Dave Martin, Design

Anything about money is something bigger for me than just a book, the following ideas impressed me the most:

“You are wrong to think that business is only about money, it`s about your satisfaction and your dreams coming true as well as other`s dreams.”

“Try to satisfy your existing customers and they will tell others about you.”

“People feel if you do something just for making money, so don`t make money the main aim of your life.”

This book woke me up and changed my views on business, I can read it over and over and find something new and useful. I have realized what is business and what I actually want from my career.


Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

Emily Triplett Lentz, Marketing

This book proves that you always have a chance to edit your work and correct the previous sentence as many times as you want. It is essential if you want to reach the perfection and save time. You can add new ideas and develop previous, so this is up to you. I wouldn`t have finished my writing task on time without this book.

Bird by bird helps to realize that all tasks can be completed and it can be done quickly if wisely. There`s a story of Lamott:

“Thirty years ago my brother who was ten then sat sad at kitchen table and was trying to write a report. He had three months to do that but as always left it till the end. He was already about to tear and my father came to him, put his hand around his shoulder and said, `Bird by bird. Just take it bird by bird.`”

Books are our best friends, they can give us good piece of advice so don`t miss the chance to learn more of what you like doing and reach success.