Charles Darwin – Facts About Genius

Have you ever heard about the evolution theory or the principles of natural selection? Do you know such a person as Charles Darwin? I bet all of you know this world -famous scientist… And the evolution theory is also well-known to you.

Charles Darwin often stands out even after his death. It is often thought Charles Darwin to be a true genius. I agree with this point of view as well. He managed to change people`s way of thinking, meaning their entity. Simply by own teaching, new ideas and thoughts, Darwin has made people think different and see themselves in another way.


It would be great to find out some facts about scientist`s life and his lifetime hobby – science. Read the following information that will surely burn your curiosity:

  • To begin with, it would be good to say more generalized who is Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was an English geologist, scientist, naturalist who created the theory of evolution and worked on the principles of natural selection. To crown it all, these ideas contributed greatly to the world science as the whole and the world development. Darwin`s teachings influenced minds of many people and changed the way they see themselves as human beings.
  • Where and when this genius was born? These questions are always actual and curios. Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England on 12th of February 1809. He was brought up in a big but wealthy family, being the fifth of six children.
  • Being a child, Charles started to show his big interest in nature. He started to collect different plants and items, analyze them, making significant conclusions.


  • “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. It seems that young Charles was guided by these words. He was studying at school first and then entered the University of Edinburgh and Christ’s College at Cambridge. He was studying medicine in Edinburgh, but that didn’t bring him pleasure. So, young Darwin decided to leave that university.
  • Is there somebody, who doesn’t like travelling? The fact that Charles Darwin was a participant of a round-the-world journey is really worth mentioning. This journey meant a lot to Darwin. It was like a true lifetime experience and a real school for him. He was working as a geologist, botanist and scientist so hard to understand the essence of everything around him. Charles Darwin managed to collect valuable information, which helped him a lot in the development of the evolution theory.
  • The most important works of the scientist are: “The Voyage of the Beagle”, “On the Origin of Species”, “The Power of Movement in Plants”, “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals” and many others.
  • Want to know something about Charles` private life? He was married with his cousin, Emma Darwin nee Wedgwood. Together they have 10 children. Unfortunately, three of them died being babies.


  • The asteroid 1991 Darwin was named in honor of Charles Darwin.
  • This scientist has a great reputation. He is depicted on the British 10£ banknote.