TikTok as a New Tool of Change and Social Media Influences

TikTok is a video platform that is becoming insanely popular among adolescent people and would like to share some information with you in our essay about Tik Tok. It is an application that allows teenagers to make up sketches and answer to the challenges, posed by their peers. Surprisingly, the app has provided many young people with the opportunity to express their identity.


In addition to touching on the fun issues, TikTok is striving to raise social awareness. The same can be said about the creators of the platform.

They have recently been motivated to talk about the shootings that happened across the country. The section of the app can be attributed to the dark humor territory since the videos have already been released. The viewers have mentioned the lip-sync clip of “Bulletproof” that suggests students need to be more careful. Also, the fans of the platform insist that the message does not bring any harm and does not capitalize on the hype. The footage that was uploaded to the app received controversial responses. One of the users replied with a phrase that suggested the mixed reaction was understandable. According to the students, the video actually makes sense. It helps the youngsters to stay away from the constant depression and the feeling of the impending gloom.

TikTok has a lot of searches that can be described as contradictive. However, the dark humor area has not been explored until today. It suggests that users need to focus on social topics more than on entertaining ones. As to the shootings that happened in schools across the state, there is no denying that these amassed too many views. The issue was covered by the clips, which caused the audience to comment almost at once. It is no secret that themes like this one are often brought to the attention of the public. However, it was the platform that gave access to free feedback and communication.

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Content that Makes You Think. The Future of the Platform

The experts that have been working on the case say that the teenagers are not trying to sabotage the antigun movement. On the contrary, TikTok allows them to socialize via the platform that offers sufficient means of communication along with anger venting. That being said, it becomes a coping mechanism that helps hide the negativity in conversations. With each new video posted, the issue gets addressed more often. People are struggling to identify the source of the problem, but they often underestimate the influence of the media. Due to the social platforms, we don’t have to be out there to talk anymore. Around the world, several countries tried to eliminate the influence of the app on teens only to find out that the tactic isn’t working.

Every time a child witnesses a violent act being committed, they get an opportunity to talk in front of the audience. Content that contains bullying or is aimed at harming people is not tolerated. Teens understand the weight that has been placed on their shoulders. The intentions of the app designers, on the other hand, remain unchanged.

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According to the users, they cannot be interpreted as malicious due to the feedback of the platform. The investigations of the mass shootings are not a subject of a queer, sinister relief. They are a sign of a social phenomenon having an effect on the mind of youngsters. To prove this, TikTok developers have statistics. With the app, we are given access to the previously classified information.