American Student and Fitness

Being a young is a special period of time, when you’re full of strengths and energy, ready for exploring something new, and being a student is twice better. Studentship greatly influences the lifestyle of every person; you become a part of another community and make new acquaintances, many new opportunities are opened to you, so you may feel lack of time for your sport exercises.



Don’t let student routine exclude such important points from your schedule. Physical activity is extremely necessary for a young body; it improves not only general health condition, but also warns of problems with health in the future.

Usually college students gain extra weight during the first semester of studying, the so-called “Freshman 15”. It can be explained by various factors that are typically “higher educational” stress caused by adaptation to a new social environment, night meals, fast food, unstable sleep mode, unhealthy snacks and uncontrolled alcohol consumption. Obesity among children, adolescents and young adults becomes one of the most pressing issues of our time, and there are serious reasons to think so. In 2012 the CDC statistics showed more than one in three in that age category had obese or overweight. In addition, deeply involved in everyday life students often don’t pay enough attention to their fitness development.


It should mention that healthy lifestyle consists of two equally important components – healthy food and fitness activity. Unfortunately, a lot of challenges considering both factors arise and not always students are ready to face them. There are some weak sides of nutrition in university life: skipping meals, poor knowledge in healthy meal planning, overeating, unhealthy snacks, alcohol and sugar consumption, and late meals. Besides college lifestyle may have negative impact on the level of physical activity, in many situations students prefer focusing on studies to doing sport, although many campuses offer a big number of fitness programs, gyms and other activities. All together this careless attitude to your own body will cause bad health consequences in adulthood.

Helpful tips to launch a new lifestyle

1. I want it! The crucial moment of all everything has been said before is your motivation and desire to get started something absolutely new. Consider all the pros and cons, and after make a decision, otherwise it has no sense.

2. Move to the goal step by step. Your body has its limits, and you shouldn’t hurry and exhaust yourself. If you have an intention to achieve high results in fitness, you need to stretch your physical abilities little by little, only in that case you will improve your health, not vice versa.

3. Become a member of a student club. Every university has some sport clubs for its students. There people with different experience meet each other, you also can get sport support and improve your communication skills.

4. Enjoy your activity. Select that type of activity you feel the most comfortable with. Volleyball, football, baseball, basketball or any another group sport, it doesn’t matter. On the contrary, if you aren’t found of working in team, don’t lose heart. Another way is to create own plan of exercises and provide individual training. To a certain extent, visiting dancing classes is a perfect alternative for people who find sport a boring business. Your campus is a walking-friendly one, so use it and try to move as much as possible.

5. Regular meals and appropriate portions. Skipping breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper is a very harmful habit. Every type of meals is required to replenish energy stocks of your body, breaking that order violates metabolic stability. If you have a meal, focus on the process, enjoy its taste and not be distracted, for example with watching TV, reading, computer and so on. You won’t feel satiety and  may overeat.


6. Healthy snacks. You must forget about vending machines with chips, candy, cookies and crackers. The best solution when hunger attacks you is to eat fruits, vegetable, cheese or yogurt, moreover such food is allowed to be eaten during long exam preparation and doing assignments in the late evening and at night. You can buy a microwave and a refrigerator and put them in your dorm  to have  healthy frozen food whenever you need.

7. Limit alcohol. Alcohol abuse is terrible, avoid it not to get into an awkward situation and cut calories.

It’s up to you to decide how spending your student life. We will tale care on your health and time with the best writing team ever in our company!