Successful start-ups. Top ever projects implemented by students

The 3dim platform. With the use of the 3d sensor, you get to have small interactions with the gadget system every day. You don’t have to use hands anymore – it is not a touch pad. You move around and gesticulate, and that is enough. A real lighting and the home artificial both work for this type of thing. Incredibly convenient and super smart, and you don’t have to have that thumb pressure (a special kind of fatigue coming from pressing buttons on one’s gadget). The program is functioning solely on software, which allows it to be installed literally everywhere. A perfect choice!


Small Orange. Small Orange is not so small after all. It started as a tiny start-up, yes, but now is considered one of the most powerful web hostings around the world. It helps the promising websites and is widely known for the business selling procedures that have to deal with leasing and franchising. It is a broad web, interweaving with all the larger structures across the globe, and having an international support from IT corporations. Not a bad start for a student enterprise.

EnvoyNow. If you want to order food, but you loathe the idea of having to deliver it yourself, we are in for a perfect offer. So what is it that the Envoy guys propose? A delivery from restaurants that is not exactly costly, and what’s more important, quick. For example, the pizza fatigue drives you mad. You want to change the provider and order salad. The local bistro doesn’t have the delivery option. Call these people and see if they can help you. Students can afford Envoy like a bowl of cherries, according to the report, so we won’t be making too much of an announcement if we say that it is a breakthrough in the servicing industry.

Dell. You know the man, but do you know the legend? The story goes that one young and aspiring student grew up thinking he could avoid going to stores to get things, which later developed into an idea of direct purchase. You don’t have to talk to middle people anymore. There is an exact route between you and the shop assistant, and frankly, this is just amazing.

Isolated by technology

DropBox. Have you ever wondered why there is no option in the mail that allows you to store large files? This was the notion that bugged two students from MIT, who finally decided they could do with a program that permitted global storage and considerable amounts of information. Now, students and adults around the world use DropBox for their advantage. The invention turned out to be beneficial.

Facebook. You might as well be living on an uninhabited island if you haven’t heard of Zuckerberg. However, here is the deal. A Harvard dropout, Mark decides to focus on the social network of the dream. He is developing a concept of a platform available for everyone, a customizable news feed and a scroll panel that is just too exciting for words. You know the rest of the story. Enough said, this man is now one of the most successful start uppers in the world with his fortune estimated in billions. And that number is just going to grow.

Insomnia Cookies. For the brownies lovers out there, there is a treat. This start up specializes in delivering bakery on-campus, and you can be sure they are fresh and warm. When the student group was not satisfied with the cafeteria in the area, they knew they had to do something. As a result, the start up is now flourishing and that is just a tip of the iceberg. More coming ahead.


Google. The story is the following. Two students and a powerful search machine. What more could you possibly want? And on top of all that, they continue to grow. The only pressing question is: how can this colossus of search and find get larger?