The Most Expensive Sports Teams around the Globe

Real Madrid was considered to be the most expensive team in the world for several years in a row. In 2016, first place of teams with the highest market value was taken by Dallas Cowboys, which are worth $4 billion. Our top 10 consists of football and soccer teams mainly, also there are two basketball teams and one MLB team.


“Dallas Cowboys”

This team is not prominent one in football, as it has not won a championship for more than 20 years. However, it is so expensive due to its home stadium, which is worth $1.2 billion. Moreover, its administration sold rights for a stadium name to a company for $400-600 million.

“Real Madrid”

Its value has increased since the last year, but $3.7 billion is not enough to take the first place. This soccer team from Spain is led by a highest-paid soccer player, and it has won the UEFA Championship this year. Moreover, Real Madrid was the most expensive sports team for several years.

“FC Barcelona”

It is the second Spanish soccer team in our ranking, and its value is $3.6 billion. Leading players of FC Barcelona signed profitable contracts with Nike. Home stadium is renovated to increase capacity to more than 100,000 seats, and its owners will get $650 million revenue.

“New York Yankees”

This is the only baseball team in our ranking with a market value of $3.4 billion. It is the most famous team in the world, owning 27 different titles. Although the attendance of matches decreased since Derek Jeter left the team, but the team’s value increased by 6% since 2015.


“Manchester United”

This team was on the top of the list several years ago, but today it takes only 5th place with $3.2 billion. Manchester United missed Champion League last season, but it does not stop it from getting a good dean on 1.1 billion with Adidas.

“New England Patriots”

This team takes the only 6th place in the world ranking, but it is the second most valuable team in Football ranking. It is worth $3.6 billion and has great franchise opportunities due to their loyal fan base.

“New York Knicks”

This is the most valuable team in basketball association with the market value of $3 billion. It is all due to great contract about media right for next 20 years on the sum of $100 million for the first year. They also get revenue on $90 million for premium seats.


“Washington Redskins”

It is the 8th team in our ranking and the 3rd team with the highest value in football. Its cost equals to $2.9 billion. Washington Redskins also plan to build a new stadium with a capacity of 60,000 spectators. It will have rink, museum, huge parking and smiwwing pool.

“New York Giants”

It is the 4th most valuable team in the football league, and its estimate value equals to the $2.8 billion. Its income consists mainly form franchise revenue. Moreover, tickets for their matches cost $40 more in comparison to NFL ticket.

“Los Angeles Lakers”

It is a second most expensive team in NBA with a value of $2.7 billion. They have a 20-year contract for about $4billions and net revenue of about $300 million per year.