Students participating in 2016 Olympics Rio

2016 Olympic Games take part in a beautiful city of Rio. 206 countries are represented there. A lot of professional sportsmen and women came there to show their skills and good shape. There`s the saying, “A sound mind, in a sound body.” Nowadays students are good not only in studying but in doing sports as well. This helps them to stay strong both physically and mentally, it develops and encourages their talents. So you can meet lots of students participating in the Olympic Games as well. They are the representatives of different countries but let`s talk about Americans. So which universities can be proud of their students?


USC is one of the leaders as lots of its former, present and even future students every time take part in Olympic Games. Students will compete for the USA and 20 other countries in general. The representatives of USC will compete in swimming, water polo, volleyball, golf, basketball, tennis and other kinds of sport. This university can be proud of own students as they not only take part in Games but always win lots of medals.

Another one leading university is Stanford. Former and future students of this university are also represented in Rio. They will compete in swimming, diving, sailing, roving and so on. The university has produced at least one medal on each Games starting with 1912.


There are also many other colleges that will be represented in Rio. So let`s get acquainted with the list of them:

  • Stanford University is represented by 31 athletes. They compete in 11 competitions: swimming, soccer, tennis, volleyball, water polo, sailing, diving, fencing, rugby and equestrian.
  • University of California, Berkeley, has 16 athletes taking part in Olympic 2016. They compete in soccer, rugby, swimming, water polo, table tennis, indoor volleyball, track and field.
  • University of California, Los Angeles, can be proud of 16 athletes who take part in such kinds of competitions as beach and indoor volleyball, soccer, rugby, badminton, track and field.
  • University of Southern California has 15 athletes, who compete in indoor and beach volleyball, water polo, basketball, tennis, swimming, track and field.
  • Pennsylvania State University is represented in Rio by 13 athletes. They take part in cycling, soccer, track and field, wrestling, fencing, indoor volleyball.
  • University of North Carolina has 13 students to be proud of. They compete in basketball, field hockey, track and field, soccer.
  • University of Oregon is represented by 12 athletes, who take part in rugby, track and field.
  • University of Texas. 12 athletes compete in basketball, swimming, golf, track and field, indoor volleyball.
  • University of Georgia is represented by 11 athletes in such competitions: golf, track and field, swimming.
  • Princeton University is represented by 11 sportsmen who compete in fencing, rowing, water polo, field hockey, track and field.
  • University of Washington can be proud of its 11 students who take part in indoor volleyball, rowing, track and field, soccer.
  • University of Florida is represented by 11 athletes who compete in track and field, and swimming.


These universities can be proud of their former, present and future students as taking part in Olympic Games is an achievement, not mentioning even that most of them win medals. University also plays an important role in the building of personality and character of sportsmen, so these educational establishments are worth the great compliment. They built real champions who made a good decision in their life choosing sport life. Current students of the universities who take part in Rio are valued and always get bonuses from the universities while coming back from Games. Get in touch with interesting facts!