Work and play lifestyle

Creative people face the same problem: they would like to dedicate more time and energy to their hobbies, but a daily job will consume energy and leave them drained when the sun goes down. In the past, what you did determined your well-being, and it was hard to avoid social judgment. Nowadays, we have a freedom of choice which leads us to another problem, and that is distinguishing between right and wrong.


Ancient Greeks believed that your occupation impacts your character and influences your daily choices. So, how do you act when you need improvements for your routine? We’ve all struggled to make a reasonable choice between something that brings us pleasure and our financial sources. A steady income keeps us afloat, and it also makes us think of other ways to earn money and stay devoted to our true calling. We may indeed talk about a deep confrontation here, as more and more people get away from routine jobs and prefer to invest in the future with their hobbies. What is more, we cannot underestimate the importance of financial freedom.

Hobbies and favorite pastimes may be a nice getaway from our usual lifestyle, but do they really make us happy and fulfilled? Psychologists predict that office workers will soon experience a clash between reality and fantasy with its dreams and hopes at the working place, and honestly, we cannot blame people who chose downshifting as a way of escape. The avoidance tactics has long been regarded as some kind of weakness by the modern professionals and employees, who spend hours at work, but we all need a recharge from time to time.


Entertainment and work

At first glance, science and art have nothing in common, and entertainment has nothing to do with long working hours at your office desk. However, if you take a look at the issue from another angle, you may discover that everything is interconnected, and that is the main principle of the Universe. We may choose a job for a living or something that motivates us to move forward, but stay happy and content with the options that have been proposed to us.

For example, there was a Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who also happened to be a mathematician. He loved observing people and nature and making conclusions about this world, based on these observations. One time, when he was having a walk on a hot summer day, he saw a group of blacksmiths, swinging their hammers in the scorching heat. Sweat was draining down their foreheads, but they didn’t cease hammering, and soon Pythagoras found a weird connection between the sounds of their tools and the music of the Universe.


If you are a writer and need an office job to survive, you can combine your prosaic talents with problem-solving techniques you adopted at work. According to one of the corporate coaches who know how to deal with clients and make everyone happy, communication helps people forget they may be from a different background, and creates a sense of connection that is cherished in an office, especially if those connections are established by the boss.

Similarly, we can combine writing prose that brings us pleasure and a feeling of happiness that comes from creating texts from scratch without having to sacrifice our favorite pastimes. This is an ultimate way to be successful in the first place, and it helps you understand the meaning of a spiritual balance. You may not believe that corporate ethics exists, but there is certainly something appealing about the idea of an office with no restrictions and a strong motivation to accomplish greater results every day.