What is a Pokémon GO?

App for smartphone that has become number 1 in the whole world is Pokémon GO! Everyone knows Pokémons or at least heard about them. They were very popular in the 90’s and now they have come back. Millions of people has already installed it and they are trying to catch as many Pokémons as they can. The main feature of this app is that you have to walk in real life to move in game. It is based on GPS location and map of your city. While you are walking around you can find different Pokémons in different areas of the city.


The main task of everyone is to catch all the Pokémons and take care of them. You can also breed them. You can acquire an egg with a Pokémon, but, you have to cover some distance to make it hatch. There are also Poké Stops. They are places in your city where you can get valuable goods for the game. They are often different landmarks, monuments, buildings and other meaningful places.

All information that is mentioned about will help you understand how application for smartphone can help students with studying.

What knowledge of history students can gain from Poké Stops

There are a lot of different places in every town, monuments and buildings that have their own history or they have played an important role of the city or even country. The Poké Stops are located in such places, most often.  Students visit them while playing and they have a great opportunity to get to know the history of specific place. Students will get to know more about their hometown and its history.

Miniatures of Mewtwo and Sonic.


Studying Biology

It is a very interesting fact that most of Pokémons very similar to real animals. For an example Pokémon Victreebel is an exactly copy pitcher plant. Students may not only find similarity between existing animals and Pokémons but also get to know more about habitat of them. How they cohabit with another species of animals. Some species have their own peculiarities, for an example foxes with long ears. In Pokémon GO there are Pokémons that look like a fox but some of them has short ears and other long ears. To find out what influences on this students may read different encyclopedias. This feature is not just created for a game. It is all about the biology of the foxes. It is very educational not only for students but also for children and even adults.

Studying geography and landmark orientation

Pokémon GO has a positive influence on studying geography. Not everyone is good with landmark orientation and how to use maps. While playing students always looking at the map in smartphones to know their own and Pokémons’ locations. Some people has troubles with landmark orientation and can easily get lost even in their hometown. With application they are able to improve such skills.


Pokémon GO improves health

In nowadays it can be a problem that students stay all day at home studying, as on the Internet you can quickly find everything that is needed for studying and then, they also spend time sitting in front of the screen to chat with friends, listen to music and etc. Pokémon GO has already solved that problem. Now students walking around together with their friends and try to catch Pokémons. It is approved by scientists that walking in the fresh air helps to keep you fit and let your brain relax and it will work much better when you will be studying and learning.

Pokémon GO is an application for smartphone that can help people be more communicative, to talk in real life without social networks. Keep people fit while they are walking around and help to get to know more about history and different lovely places of the city.