How to write a perfect essay quickly

Usually, writing an essay takes some substantial amount of time and effort. The task gets more complicated if the essay needs to be written very quickly. Preparation is the key, so check out some simple tips for writing an essay when you have a limited amount of time.



Start early

One very wise man said that “well begun is half done”. Starting something is one of the most difficult stages of any process. If to talk about a creative process such as writing, everything is even more complicated. All creative people are subjected to procrastination, anxiety and any sorts of doubts about whether they can finish the task on time. To make a process develop, it is important to start no matter what, in order to make the inspiration flow. What’s more, the earlier you start, the better the results will be and the faster you will finish your essay.

Know your topic

It is important to hold in mind your topic all the time. You may keep the main subject of your investigation in front of you in a form of a sticky note or a printed reminder, in order not to lose the main idea while you put your thoughts on paper. It would be good to contemplate and envisage how your idea will develop before you start writing so that when you write, you will roughly know where you are heading. In such a way, it will be easier to write the essay quickly.


Write imperfect first draft

If you want to finish your essay as quickly as possible, start writing it without judging your text. You do not need to worry too much about the quality of your work at this stage. All you need to do is to express your idea as vividly as you can. Later on, you will be able to revise and edit your paper, but so far, constant thinking of small details will slow down the process. After writing the first imperfect draft, you will feel relieved, as your essay is almost ready and all you need to do is to correct small mistakes.

Decide which part you will write first

You may choose a traditional approach and start your writing with the introduction, continue developing the argument in the body paragraphs and finish your essay with the conclusion. However, many students find it useful to write the main body first, and only after that, they write an introduction and a conclusion. After the main part is ready, you are clear about the discussed idea, so it is much easier to formulate concise and powerful beginning and concluding parts. You can choose any of the options as long as you are comfortable with it and you are sure that it will help you write your paper quickly.


Put the essay aside for some time

You might face a tight deadline, but writing your paper in one sitting is not a good option and will not bring results that you need. Perhaps, you will reach your goal and manage to write your essay quickly, but the quality of your work will suffer. If time allows, put your piece of writing aside and get back to it later to review it with a fresh eye. This will help spot the errors that were not obvious to you previously.

Writing an essay is a challenging task, especially if you have time limitations. We hope that our tips can help you in completing your assignment successfully. Last but not least, do not forget to reward yourself for all your hard work!