What if you cannot choose between Harvard and Yale?

Harvard and Yale are really one of the first-class Universities on the Earth. Both of them will give you an abundant tuition and possibility to evolve in the sphere you like, but if you have such a big luck to choose between them, which one is finer? Which should become your second home for the next few years and which would have a big impact on your future? Well, if we decide to compare them, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for Harvard and Yale, and we will try to think over some of them, and then you will make your right choice. Harvard was creating political and scientific elite of the country for decades (8 presidents and 30 Nobel laureates graduated this University). Yale University is known as excellent for those who choose a humanitarian direction.



Harvard always is one of leaders in QS World University Rankings, and Yale is several steps back Harvard in this Rankings. Here Harvard surpasses Yale at almost all stages, but it should be noted that Yale is also very strong in many subjects. Still Yale has much more academic staff workers per each one student than Harvard. Yale has got the 7th position in this issue, but Harvard is only on 40th place.


QS World University Rankings made a conclusion about the best teaching of subjects in Universities. Both Harvard and Yale have got leading positions. All Harvard faculties were in top-10 in 2015, its management and social and life sciences, medicine are the best in the whole World. Arts and humanities have got the second position, whilst technology and engineering are only 10th. As well you should choose Harvard if you prefer sport and mathematics.

Yale has not got such high results. For example, arts and humanities are one of the best subjects in this University and they have only 6th position in the Ranking. Life sciences and medicine are 8th, social sciences and management are 10th, life sciences and engineering are on the 14th step, and natural sciences are the last – just 65th. But it should be mentioned that law science here is on the 4th place, also English literature, modern languages, history, medicine and biological sciences, psychology and politics are in the top-10.


Tuition fees

Tuition fees are the money that you should pay for your education. Of course, that is true that the best universities have got higher fees than others. But we also should consider how expensive charges for accommodation and meals are. Actually tuition fees in Harvard are lower than in Yale. It is about $ US 43 000, whilst fees in Yale is nearby $ US 49 000.But costs for accommodation and meals are lower in Yale. Tuition fees for internationals students also are higher in Yale, but level of tuition fees rising is much lower than in Harvard.

Financial aid

A lot of students dream about free education, and many of them can really get it. Some people even cannot believe that such a great number of students can study free, but it is really so. In Harvard nearby 60% of students have financial aid when they study. To obtain it you should provide a certification that annual income of your family is lower that 60%. The University tries to help low-income families. Getting grant is also possible and very profitably. Its sum of money is about $ US 46 000.

Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation
Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Yale also does not stand apart from student financial problems. It provided 63% of students with grant with the sum $ US 43 898. As well this university also offers free education for students that cannot allow to study in University and pay for it. And also we can add that a large number of students that is 83% graduated the Yale University without student chalk in 2015. So, only you will make your choice about your education. As well we should advice you not to base only on facts when you decide which University will be better for you, but also try to feel which one do you like much. Visit them before you will make your preference, look at the monument of John Harvard, immerse yourself into mystical atmosphere of Yale and after that you for sure will understand which of them is the place of your dream.