Some advice for students to start a happy life in London

So you have entered to university of London. You are here for the first time or you had come here several times in your life. The city is completely new, you do not know anyone here, but must adapt to it. At first you feel delight. An incredible amount of attractions that fascinate with its beauty, bright pictures of the night in London and mysterious mist create a special atmosphere of this incredible city. But all this does not help you provide yourself with a comfortable existence in the capital of Great Britain. You have to know what to do at the beginning of your life in London to adapt and find new friends as quickly as possible. If your accustoming is bad you risk not only to lose interest in London, but to get tired and disappointed in it.


You will need to adapt quickly to local customs and not contravene established laws. Try to find the positive in what seems strange to you, and you will certainly plunge into London culture and even become a part of puzzles of this great city.

Do not assume that your neighbors are obliged to immediately treat you kindly. Undoubtedly, they will be polite, but do not expect even a small piece of familiarity. Behave with all people around you well and they certainly will answer in return with the same attitude.

Do not worry about someone else’s opinion. Of course, at first you will look as a foreigner, but do not worry about it. You soon will get used to everything and will be able to identify aliens with the naked eye. Do not nervous in any case. Excitement depletes you. Be confident.

Try to find a job. But at first get used to the university and its load. The new job will provide you not only money, but also acquaintanceship with new people.

Do not be too indulgent to everybody. Appreciate yourself highly. If you do not follow this advice, you risk creating around yourself the circle of people who irritate or bore you. Search friends among like-minded people and those you like. You’ll find those people in this large city.

Do not sit at home, if you have free time. Attend exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other places of your interest. There you will not only spend a good time and find new friends, but also because of it you will adapt to the new city more easily.


Explore London as much as possible. The less you will have problems with orientation in space the sooner you will feel comfortably in the city. In such a way you will not spend much time looking for the right place, avoid stress and maintain emotional harmony. Travel in London not only by foot but also using various types of transport. It definitely will be useful for you in case of some unforeseen circumstances.

Use the Internet to learn about convenient routes and sights of London, ask about it your new friends. The joint experience will certainly help you cope with little problems and troubles.

Take care of your studying in the first place! That is why you are here. If you have any problems with learning, it will depress you and spoil your pleasure of well spending time. Keep everything under your control with Darwin writers.

Enjoy life in this great city. Decide what you like most and entertain yourself with it. Perhaps this is tour of the mystical places in London, lunch in a special restaurant or dancing in nightclubs. If you do not limit yourself in pleasure very hard you will feel calm and happy like all residents of London.