How to write an Online Restaurant Review: Step-by-Step Instruction

Before choosing a restaurant to eat in, you probably check several good written reviews, especially if it is about the restaurant you have never been in before. And – let’s try to guess – you have noticed that sometimes those reviews are far from being great. And this is where the key moment is: the way a review is written can either attract new visitors or make people want to avoid this place forever!


If you are going to write your own restaurant review, make sure you have read and followed these easy and very efficient steps on the way to perfection.

Attract your readers’ attention

Make people want to read your review! Start it with a catchy sentence which will let them know at once that this review can be useful for them. It has to promise an exciting continuation. No one wants to waste their time on something that is not worth reading.

Also, don’t forget to provide some context. Explain why you preferred this particular restaurant, what attracted you. At what time of the day did you visit it? Was it crowded inside? What was the general atmosphere? Were you alone or with the company? How did the waiter treat you? Any details can be essential. You can even describe any specific details that you remembered (for example, some peculiar smell inside or too bright and irritating lighting).

Give some background

Tell your readers a bit about the restaurant. The type of cuisine it serves, it’s pricing, location, and contact information will be useful, anyway. Remember to add its opening hours, too. It could be also useful to mention whether there are smokers and non-smokers areas in it – for visitors with children, for example.

Food matters

Yes, now it is time to serve the main course! Tell in detail what meal you ordered. Imagine that you are painting a picture and your words are the brush strokes. Describe the size of the portion (portions) and the way it looked like. Color, structure – even flavor matters! Was the dish delicious? Was there anything weird about it? It is also ok to tell about how the dishes were served to you.


Do or don’t?

The next step is to summarize your impressions and verdict whether others shall or shall not visit this restaurant. Give all the pros and cons. And of course, explain in detail why.

Hints That May Help to Make Your Review Even Better

However, well-done writing is not the only benefit when composing a restaurant review. Decorations matter, too. The more colorful and vivid your review is the more people will want to read it from A to Z.

Make notes

Yes, simply make notes while dining. It will help to memorize all the impressions and not to forget some very vibrant descriptions that may come to you in the process.

Take pictures

We don’t ask to set a photo session of your pasta, but making several photos of your meal will be right what your review needs.

It is better to use a smartphone rather than a photo camera for this purpose. Also, if you ordered more than one course, take pictures of each of them and make sure that the colors are displayed correctly according to the original.


Share more details

People want to know exactly why this restaurant is worth visiting, right? So give them as a complete explanation as possible! Don’t be lazy to provide a vibrant and detailed description of the dish. No bold words like “good” or “bad” are allowed! Instead, tell the readers how wonderful your meal was, describe all the shades of flavor and taste.

Be honest

If you have visited this restaurant several times before and only once had a bad experience, mention this in your review. It doesn’t matter that their service is always bad, but people must know that some failures are also possible in this place.


Oh yes, this is an important part of your restaurant review, too! After you have finished your masterpiece, check it for any spelling or grammar mistakes. You do want people to take you seriously, don’t you?

You will see that, after applying these simple tips, your restaurant review will get to a completely new level!