Why you should study in Montreal

Montreal is one of the largest cities in Canada. This city is full with international students, and if you still do not know why, you should learn about it, and probably after this you also will decide to choose this wonderful city to study in.

1. Low prices.

Probably the first reason why international students are so interested with Montreal is prices of this city. Renting apartments is available even for students; as well prices for studying in higher educational institution are much lower than in universities of America, but still level of education is very high.

2. Very beautiful city

Montreal is really the most beautiful place in Canada. Here you can find both old admirable houses as impressive glass skyscrapers. You can feel special spirit of Montreal history and visit amazing nightclubs. There is a great deal of parks, climate is soft and architecture is wonderful.


3. Students can work.

Students could not work in Montreal if it did not apply to their educational institution. Now students can work, and this solved many problems both for them as for the city. And in addition to this it is not complicated for students to find a work in Montreal. For example, modern students can use students writing services 24/7 online all around the world.

4. Well organized transport system.

Montreal is one of places of the world where you will not have any problems with moving. The cause is well-developed transport infrastructure. Branched metro system and well elaborated system of public transport give you possibility to move quickly and freely. Because of this even personal vehicles lose its relevance and importance. Low-priced taxies are also well choice to move in the city.

5. Peoples are polite.

This fact, practically, is about all people from Canada, not only in Montreal. They are proud of their politeness, they do not think stereotypically. Canadian people appreciate good deals very much, so you will not be left to your fate if some unfortunate accident happens with you, there is almost impossible to face with indifference if you need a help. As well the most modest people also are habitants of Canada.

6. You always will fell here like a very lucky tourist.

To tell the truth, Montreal is a paradise for tourists. Here are more than 300 churches; this city is considered to be the cultural capital of Canada. There is no city in Canada that can be compared with Montreal in number of museum, art galleries and theaters. As well Montreal is not overcrowded because a lot of people prefer to live in the suburbs.

7. You are safe in Montreal.

The whole society if Canada is known as very peaceful and safe. Despite the fact that crime rate in Canada has never been high, it still decreases. Here you will not find crime areas where you will be robbed if you decide to walk there in the night. And if we compare Montreal and US in level of crime, we will see that US is very far from this level of safety that Montreal has.


8. Food is delicious.

Food in Montreal is a mix of the greatest dishes from the whole world. Representatives of different nations had been coming here and left their best recipes. A lot of restaurants and cafes show that people in Canada like to go there to eat and that they like dishes. Canada is famous with its maple syrup and you definitely will fall in love with it after trying.

9. A lot of festivals and celebrations.

Here you will find more celebrations than in some other country. Canadian people like and can have a rest, they visit each other and travel. Any weather or season of a year can spoil their having fun.